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I started buying KTM’s when the dealer also sold Husaberg. I ended up with two KTM’s and a Berg. Was soon up to five bergs. Back down to three now. Love them. When Berg turned into Husky. Sold some of my Japanese bikes and bought the killer white framed ... more »

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ET also likes his clutch. Swap interviewed him on press day. In the Heat could see him make an adjustment in the air when needed. He also said he likes the power and asked for more. With his fav guy doing his suspension now. Maybe he will have that bike ... more »

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Not much of a tool guy. Have three Craftsman clearance boxes packed with mainly Craftsman Black Friday sales the last 20 years. Some Harbor. And a Harbor Fright five drawer roll around. Best $150 I spent. Last week Lowes had some boxes on clearance.

... more »
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Found some Gary Bailey videos on YouTube of TP 250 SX training on his Maryland track in the woods. When people say he was never serious. You see these videos. He wanted to beat RC so bad. That Zuk!!!!

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I wonder how many people who dump on the Suz have owned an RMZ. Myself have talked to many who have had every “version” since 06. And majority say it’s one of the most reliable and stable bikes they have had. If a new model does come out I am ready.

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People keep saying he is old. Seems like there are more than a few other riders close to ET’s age.

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RV said he spun on the wood and didn’t get the drive to make the jump cleanly.

Added reply in a thread Adam Cianciarulo 1/1/2022 7:07 PM

Thought RV crashed at St Louis cause the stadium was down to plywood. Other riders who were in the same race confirmed how thin the dirt was in many spots. Regardless. Series would been exciting down to the finals

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Evos are money pits!! Bought three new. Have had 15 DSMS. Three of those new. Still have a 9 RS with 250 miles on it.

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Works Connection usually has a % for Black Friday. Haven’t seen anything yet. Need some stuff

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When he was breaking down the SX races few seasons back. That sure was nice. Wish he could done that the whole season.

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TSC or tractor supply has 15-40 diesel oil. Five gallon buckets. Have used it for years in place of Rotella. Excellent oil.

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DV is usually right.

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Down to 18 now. Was at 25. Was hard not to sell some last year when prices was way higher than I paid for them new.

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Probably already spinning laps in CO on his new blue steed. Let’s hope he rides atleast two full seasons before he retires. Maybe Jmart will be training in CO a bit also. Star can’t argue that duo

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32:1. Always. Decades ago had a landscape business. Many Kawasaki four stroke engines. Racked up 300-500 hours per engine. Never apart. Would put a little Marvel Mystery oil in my fuel cans. Mainly to keep the carbs functioning. Used to be a two stroke ... more »

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Regardless of anyone’s theories or thoughts on ET. His smile alone the last two weekends says quite a bit. Betting next Monday he is on the blue pig at home. Doing his homework.

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It’s been said ETs fav suspension guy will be at Star.

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Nobody should lost points for fuel. Yet again the FIM.

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To be fair. The “fuel gate” was total bullshit. There was no advantage of a minute % of lead traces in the fuel. Reportedly from the cans they had previously used many times. Leaded race gas at the time has grams as high as 4.5. Today there are so many ... more »