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Reply to TRIUMPH Announces Coming Line Of MX and Enduro Bikes, Carmichael to Test 7/20/2021 6:02 AM

I've always been shocked with how he acts on this board when he and his username are tied to such a brand. I definitely steer clear of it now days.

Reply to Yo, MX vs. ATV fans...interested in a tournament? 7/16/2021 11:51 PM

No thanks.

Reply to Hopper (Gypsy Gang, Gang) 7/14/2021 8:29 PM

I think your confused about what a discussion forum is about…

Reply to Hopper (Gypsy Gang, Gang) 7/14/2021 4:53 PM

I agreed, the dude needs a lot of help. First step is to stop broadcasting this cringy shit. It’s Pure narcissism.

Reply to James stewart Passes Vital member 7/14/2021 3:51 PM

You guys are so lucky to have a chance of a pro passing you on a practice day like that. That second pass

how does a man hold it pinned around a dusty shitty berm like that.
Reply to Hopper (Gypsy Gang, Gang) 7/14/2021 3:19 PM

Sad story. But could only make it 6 minutes in, then skipped thru only to hear Jase going full Rogan talking about how this podcast is a “stream of consciousness”. But as sad as that story was (anytime someone loses their best friend is sad af), the ... more »

Reply to I don't like the forum title moderation. 7/13/2021 3:30 AM

All good man, it’s just a gruff of mine will continue to happen. It’s not hard to spend a few more words on a topic to encourage more clicks and more discussion.

Reply to I don't like the forum title moderation. 7/12/2021 9:07 PM

Only moderation that’s needed is when dumbasses can only just manage to enter in a riders name as a thread title, or just a single word. Should be a minimum character set for thread titles, for archiving/searching sake, plus you’ll attract more clicks. ... more »

Reply to RJ 7/11/2021 11:26 PM

A two lettered thread name. Outstanding effort

Reply to All new YZ125!! 7/8/2021 5:00 PM

I’m just glad they’re improving their two stroke line and not abandoning it. Small improvements are fine. It’d be detrimental to the lineup If they make a completely new model and it’s a set-back on previous models.

Reply to Johnny Hopper........ Shots Fired 7/8/2021 4:55 PM

I’ve no idea but that’s the first vid I’ve seen of Mr Hopper and he’s full cringe 100% retard cringeness. That slappable face and that god awe-full whiny annoying voice must never appear on my phone again.

Reply to Renen order received 6/22/2021 6:24 AM

Just found it to be an odd reaction to someone who’s proud of a purchase of what seems to be a good quality American made product.

Reply to Renen order received 6/22/2021 6:17 AM

Scarcity marketing 101, but why do you care? Retail purchases should be fun if the consumer wants it to be. Not sure why it bothers you though?

Reply to Anyone have the scoop on the MC350!? 6/16/2021 5:38 PM

No way!

Reply to #1: MXGP of Russia – June 13 6/13/2021 3:04 PM

I was thinking that it’s weekends like this that make the mxgp guys that much more impressive. Guys we’re still going hard in challenging conditions while the AMA series get nothing but nicely groomed tracks with similar conditions most weekends yet ... more »

Reply to Unique AMA scoring incident… 6/8/2021 8:35 PM

Toast is dough cooked twice

Reply to The AMA Needs To Step In And Ban Passing During TV Commercials. It’s Getting Ridiculous. 6/6/2021 8:41 PM

Best Howard stern show I ever did see.

Reply to Mad Skills MX 2 - Daily Dash - Out Now! 5/26/2021 4:08 PM

They’ve disabled the adds completely. I’m impressed with their quick listening and reaction. I understand that they need to make money and I’m happy to pay, but if they want the game to be around for a long time they need to think hard about how to monetise ... more »

Reply to Round 3 Aussie Nats Postponed 5/26/2021 4:33 AM

We can handle our shit tho. Vics on the other hand,

Reply to Round 3 Aussie Nats Postponed 5/25/2021 11:44 PM

In all seriousness I feel for the organisers

hope the reschedule works well for them.