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Reply to Hey RC 4/10/2021 7:04 PM

Fucken hell, there’s plenty of things that could improve in the broadcast and your worried about the commentator getting excited that the leader nearly goes over the bars? You must be fun at parties

Reply to Aussie nationals rd 1 this weekend, rider lists 4/10/2021 6:53 PM

Sounds like a good call to pull the pin mate, no prep at all would have been a disaster, relax and enjoy watching the pro’s defy physics all day.

Reply to Atlanta 1 Supercross - Timed Qualifying Bench Racing 4/10/2021 6:55 AM

Felt slightly annoyed watching Swoll roll around in 16th while the likes of Hunter, etc were clearly going for heaters towards the end of that session.

Reply to Aussie nationals rd 1 this weekend, rider lists 4/10/2021 6:01 AM

Best of luck man but that sounds like a shit time. Why the lack of prep?

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Reply to Attention New gen Yamaha owners 4/7/2021 6:34 PM

You don't use the app to clear your service intervals then?

Reply to Zippyclips channel/podcast 4/7/2021 5:49 PM

Best of luck man. I hope you have a thick skin and determination in a very flooded market of YouTube channels and podcasts. A kid in boots zinging around on an 85 in the desert isn’t my thing but I’m sure you can improve on content.

Reply to Swapmoto interviews 3/30/2021 7:08 PM

+1. That place gets no clicks from me.

Reply to Moto Trivia 3/28/2021 9:12 PM

When did metcalfe ever have #1 on his bike?

Reply to I should have listened...what next? 3/28/2021 2:49 PM

By all accounts, the stock yz pipe is the best (albeit a bit loud). Would recommend spending that money on suspension. At the end of the day the yz250f will serve you will and will have more than enough power to get you into trouble.

Reply to Monster Energy Supercross 4 3/26/2021 3:48 AM

Been keeping an eye on this as some of the positive comments in here peaked my interest, but having a look at YouTube videos and reading the overwhelmingly bad reviews on steam I think I’ll give it a miss. Same polished turd, different name, by the general

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Reply to Does Cooper Webb use AOS(art of sport) body wash? 3/23/2021 5:00 AM

You reckon Kenny sent him a few samples?

Reply to Steve Matthes didn’t come up with the nets. 3/22/2021 12:38 AM

Matthew was able to push it pretty hard on his platform, but who really cares? There’s no doubt they’ve saved a few riders from weeks of injuries.

Reply to Does RC like to "Go for it"? 3/21/2021 1:54 PM

He brought the ol’ “he’s in a must situation” out yesterday, I thought oh boy, there’s gonna be a viral thread for RC tonight. He’s fine, his knowledge far outweighs his little vocal mishaps.
Reply to mobius x8 wrist brace 3/21/2021 3:12 AM

I bought a pair after a broken scaphoid a couple of years ago, my right wrist hasn’t really been the same since, it gets weak quick. The wrist braces helped enormously. Can recommend.

Reply to Arlington 3 Supercross - Night Show Bench Racing 3/20/2021 5:20 PM

Looks like a better track today?

Reply to While listening to Will's 10 minute question.... 3/19/2021 5:26 PM

I always chuckle, it’s about all she did all the time for a long time, “well I was talking to &$$& earlier AND HE SAID” and a big monumental statement follows. Hasn’t really done it as much lately tho, or I’ve tuned out. Either way I’m not fussed,

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Reply to honda transalp 1984 for sale 3/18/2021 4:28 AM,26

Reply to Disappointed with Mad Skills Mx3 3/18/2021 1:07 AM

Is that where you were when you were suppose to be in school? Go and learn to read and find that Anderson thread ya dickhead

Reply to What, No Anderson skipping the Whoops Thread? 3/18/2021 1:04 AM

Derp, read much?