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so how does this work, do you surrender your old title with the frame and they give you a new title with the new frame? Or is the vin bare and they restamp it with the vin you already have?

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I thought they used the mousse insert deal. Well I thought I heard Emig babbling about it during a race one time anyway.

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hmm, mine don't. check your pressures much?

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So, I gotta ask, where did you hear this from? Whoever told you may want to let the manufacturers know this as all of them besides honda stick a nut on there and leave it there. It is tightened down to by the way. I have a buddy that I ride with that ... more »

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I haven't changed a thing on the forks on my 16 kx450, I think they work great for me at 175# and those settings. I had a 15 crf250, those were ok, but not as good as kawi's this year.

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Another thing to consider with twinwalls is with all these electronic gizmos they keep putting on the handlebars now, there isn't enough room on twinwalls for them to fit. On my kx450 with the launch control installed where it should be the clutch lever ... more »

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Bull, these kids now are way faster at an earlier age than we were in the 90's. It amazes me sometimes what I see kids on 50's and 65's doing now.

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Yeah, mine pops not so bad with the black coupler, but you have to clutch it coming out of soft corners with that one, the green has a little more pop, the white is ridiculous with the popping. This was with T4, I don't know if pump gas would be any ... more »

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And I am pretty sure that man knows his Honda's inside and out.

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Had one on it, and it helped but occasionally it would still do it.

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Yeah, that is a bad habit I picked up from the crf flameout. Nothing like a bike just sputtering out to slow your roll.

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so the '15 had less engine braking? it's been awhile since I have been on kawi's and from what I remember this thing is a feather compared to the older ones. I pull the clutch in on turn entrance so maybe that's why I don't notice it as much.

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I don't know where they got the more engine braking part from? My 16 kx has less than my '12 crf had. I read that and thought wtf? because I noticed that aspect of the bike right away. Maybe they don't use the clutch much, who knows.

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I bought the fmf for mine, based just on the fact that they are at a lot of our local races where as PC isn't anywhere to be found. With that being said, I haven't rode with it yet, I sent my bike end over end down a 50yd whoop section on saturday with

... more »
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I was wondering how long they would continue to do this being they aren't produced anymore. It was good while it lasted. Mine are the same as yours. I am thinking about getting new ones anyway, just hard to part with $600 when there isn't anything visibly ... more »

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I am liking this bike more and more everytime I ride it. It is the lightest in motion 450 I have ever rode, and I am coming off a crf450, and no I haven't rode the new ktm.
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hmm I had a total different experience with an '11 ktm 350, fuel injector went bad around 13hrs, they told me to go pound sand basically. Fuel line got a hole in it and was spraying fuel on the header. That was the last nail in the coffin between me ... more »

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yeah, I talked to them at the ATL sx a few years ago. She told me to send them in and they would rebuild them for $150. Which they did basically replace everything on them except for the red frame part. I thought that was a great deal compared to buying ... more »

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So what is the deal with this pic, is dude about to wad it up or what? I have seen this pop up on here a few times, and have wondered how bad he ate shit. Looks like his foot slipped off the peg and is about to go off the back. Is there one of the carnage ... more »

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I bought a '15 crf250 last year, put a 270cc kit on it, cam, etc.. it was still boring with me at 175-180#. I don't know about competitive as I don't race anymore, but by the time you get done throwing money into a crf250, your at 450 money. I sold it ... more »