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Same here, when i started watching only the 250 moto1 was in the cue, as I finished that 450 moto1 was in the cue and so on. Watched all 4 back to back. You do have to refresh if it doesn't show in the cue.

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What I think is kind of funny is that 7 out of the top 10 (8 if Keefer is riding a 17) are riding bikes with a kick starter. I thought I read on here somewhere electric starts were for vet riders....

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I had assumed it was oil from the start, because of the blue-ish color, and because the "cloud" lingered way to long to be steam.

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I don't know what is worse the typo's or that Darryl Eckmund guy in their videos, if that is the "voice" of MXA they should be ashamed. Dirt rider is pretty bad with the print edition, the August edition is 82 pages long. The Bass pro shops flyer is ... more »

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what exactly does a 3 yr service warranty cover? Also motosport shows any of the clutch parts shipping in 3-6 days.

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This one works like a champ, and it is really light.

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eh, pretty sure the last rm250 in the US was a 2008. but good luck finding one.

Added reply in a thread Nicky Hayden Hat & Stickers 5/28/2017 9:26 AM I think these guys are in Australia \ Some on ebay as well

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ha, now that is cold!

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there were 2 more R's sitting right next to mine 3weeks ago at Southern Honda in Chattanooga TN for $8k. No RX's though.

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For fucks sakes man, I think we might be able to give Honda a mulligan on this one, being they had an earthquake pretty much destroy their factory. Do you really think Honda is holding back all the subframes just to be a prick to you? Of course you don't ... more »

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just bought a '17 R a few weeks ago for $8k, just picked up an e-start kit w/wiring harness for $565, and a lithium battery for $80. I am installing it myself. So $8645 isn't horrible imo. I haven't looked at oem parts availability but the aftermarket ... more »

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I can appreciate the fact you guys have been friends for 40yrs, and that this won't change that. So surely he could appreciate the right hook you should be giving him for his stupidity, because it might knock some sense back into him. Did you let him ... more »

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gotta ask, why do you keep calling electric start "EC"?

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at 154# I would think the stock spring is to heavy for you, what was your static sag? That is after you take the bike off the stand without you on it. I am 175# and I had to back the spring off from where it was set at the factory to get 105mm and it ... more »

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exactly, I bought a '95 cr250 for $800, by the time I got done replacing every single thing on the bike, I have $2700 in it.

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same here, at the last second I had to scramble to dig out the macbook, hdmi cables and hook it up to the tv, then the sound wouldn't come through, so I had to listen to it through the laptop speakers while watching on tv. In the end I am glad went through ... more »

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No way in hell would they allow SX in Neyland stadium. I have been doing some work there, and watched them tend to the grass. They get all uptight when their grass gets messed up. They are proud of that stadium for sure, I guess as bad as the Vols suck, ... more »

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yes you are correct, first one is an '02 and the second is an '06, hope your buddy didn't over pay.

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awe come on, that will buff out...