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Replied to your PM

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I'd love to see some pics, what are you asking?

Reply to Good Tires for 110 pitbikes? 6/26/2020 9:06 PM

x2 on the Michelin Starcross 5's. I've tried several brands on my TTR 110 and the Starcross get excellent traction and are durable. The Bridgestone 403/404 are inferior

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I believe his best days are still to come. When he gets onto next years 220lb production based Honda and get off this 240lb generation of CRF450 I predict we are going to see the Kenny of the past. For all the trolls that are going to say his Factory ... more »

Reply to ACL recovery time? 5/31/2020 11:25 AM

5-6 months to get back on the bike is doable if you are rehabbing like a pro athlete would and you are in your 20's. The reality is for most, going back on the bike in 5-7 months is risky under any circumstance. You may find yourself ready and feel able, ... more »

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Wow, we have our poster child for the fear of everything. What outcome do you really expect by taking such a fearful negative stance against other Americans? If we continue to think of each other as the enemy we lose and our adversaries win, it's really ... more »

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What would you charge for a full set of TTR graphics, including number plates?

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Do you have any TTR examples?

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The little extra height and width makes a significant difference in comfort and stability.

... more »
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The Pro Taper Mini SE bar XR/CRF50 bend is perfect for 110 pit bikes. Get it and live happily ever after

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Correction, a 2014 with low hours is worth $4k and up

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A 2014 with low hours for less than 3k, where? 3k is a steal, here in Utah that bike will easily fetch $3.5-3.8. My buddy sold a 2006 YZ 125 last week that was average at best and sold it within 3 hours for $3.2k

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Well you tried to tell me it "shouldn't" go for that much and I'm simply informing you that the market it Utah as of Spring 2020 supports that price range.

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Shouldn't? The market is the market and it decides the value. I will say a 3 speed 07 KLX may go for a bit less than 14-1600 but my 08 TTR would fetch $1400 and sell within a hour if I posted it. The 110's are wildly in demand and can hardly be found ... more »

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Total steal, that would sell for $1400-$1600 in Utah

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My buddy has 4-6 hours on his CRF110, and it's only getting worse.

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On the CRF110 we rode, it was only between 2nd and 3rd

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Those are XR80's??? Is that a BBR frame?

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I'd like to know if that helps, good luck 🤞