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This was brutal to watch and quite frankly embarrassing to be posted on Vital. This video should have never seen the light of day and should have been shelved. Next time, find a more technical authority who can provide a concise overview. This is even worse than watching a Pingree video.

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I could see that if you;re riding lower PSI like some Tubliss riders like to do. For offroad riding, I would use another combo...but for moto they work well together. I had a nobby rip off after running my Starcross 5 for about 25 hours and I barley ... more »

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I run the Starcross 5 Mid's with Tubliss, great combo. The Starcross 5 sidewalls are certainly more flexible than the MS3/MH3 tires they replace. I run them at 11.5 PSI for moto and 13 in rocky trails. I'v tried running lowers PSI in the trails and felt ... more »

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Wasn't able to PM you. I'll take them for $1100, please PM me.

Started new thread Seeking a set of AER forks 11/20/2017 3:28 PM

If anyone has a pre-owned set of AER's in excellent condition they are willing to part with, I'll pay $1200

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I normally wear a medium, but with the SE4 I wear a large. I would say the SE4's run a half size smaller than most. Otherwise this fit is excellent.

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The forks settings between the 2 & 4 strokes are very similar, with the exception being the 2 strokes use a single wave shim on the mid-valve damping whereas the 4 strokes have a traditional shim stack on the mid-valve. I suspect the valving between ... more »

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It's reasonable to assume that most people would never come back from such a horrific injury. Based on Ken's own words, he stated numerous times that he was told by his doctors that people with this type of injury are unlikely to even use a utensils ... more »

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+1 ^^^

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100% wholeheartedly agree. I always find it foolhardy when riders sent their suspensions off after a ride or two, or immediately after they purchase a bike without even giving it a chance. In most circumstances, a rider should spend time understanding ... more »

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I bought this exact model 3+ years ago from the Depot, and it's still going strong well after 100+ uses. After having some high quality brands in the past, I was very skeptical that this unit would have much longevity and I've been proven wrong so far. ... more »

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It's about time the decision makers chose someone who has command of the english language and knowledge of the sport. Let's expand Daniel's role and have him takeover Race Day Live as well.

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Because I'm a closet 4-stroker

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With that approach, you must be single.

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Great point, why choose when you can have them both!

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I have several hours of time on the 2017 250sx, but no, no time yet on the new generation 125/150's. The only difference between the two is the size of the bore/piston, just like the older generations. Everything else other than gearing, pipe, jetting ... more »

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I'm not sure what you're trying to say, but here is the actual info on the bore and stroke... "The 150SX’s bore and stroke is 58mm by 54.5mm, while the 125SX’s is 54mm by 54.5mm. Sharing the same stroke means the cylinders are interchangeable. "