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This is now twice in 4 races where a similar type get off has occurred. I don't remember KROC having a single similar style get-off in his 2 years on the zook or during his time with KTM. Hoping Kenny will be ok and will have a speedy recovery.

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Good point. His tendency to go with softer settings seemingly could be the primary factor in his shock's inability to recover or have any additional dampening available to lessen the kick. However, the possibility of there being a flaw is conceivable. ... more »

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I watched Reed, Musquin, and other riders hit what seemed to be the exact same spots on the track. Reed's bike had no problem navigating the compression and the kicker, and Musquin's bike seemed to get thrown a bit, but nothing like Roczen's. If you ... more »

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According to this weeks Racerhead, John Basher has left MXA and joined JGR in it's retail MX division. This is surprising as I always have heard Basher was being groomed to eventually take over the reigns when Jody retires. I wonder if Basher's moving ... more »

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JC22, Which model do you recommend for moto? And can the gloves be changed out easily?

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I've been thinking of making the move from 100% to the Scott Prospect as well, what do you like about the Prospects compared to 100%? The 100%'s have been very good, though I feel the lenses could provide better quality and scratch resistance.

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If anyone is selling, I'm looking.

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Exactly my point, some goobers torque these bolts down as they do with steel.

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While MXA often mentions them as wood screws, it's factually incorrect. The screws used are purposely used for plastic applications and would never be used as wood screws. They work flawlessly for their intended purpose as they install quickly and never ... more »

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People believing the back end of the bike kicking out over jumps because they think there rebound is too fast is the biggest folklore in moto suspension. Kicking-out is most often due to the shock bottoming out (not enough compression dampening), leaving ... more »

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K-Roc has been vocal all season long about his challenges with the PSF1 air fork. I predict he'll most certainly will be on spring forks on the Honda.

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Andy, In addition to the PM I sent you, what gas/oil ratio does the manual call for, is it not 60:1 on the 2017. Not that it will solve this issue, as your 40:1 ratio will have little impact on your final jetting specs. Like Slipdog mentioned, many new ... more »

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Due to the recent "Roczen Rule, Section A9.4 " just passed by the AMA, Roczen had no choice but to join Honda and join their latest 450XR program. The AMA figures this may promote more competitive racing to improve TV ratings for an additional 2 laps. ... more »

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2017 250sx owners, are you noticing the short gear ratio between 2 & 3rd gears like MXA mentioned? According to them, the internal gear ratios have not been changed from the previous model years. I already feel like to ratios on my 2011 could have ... more »

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I have some buddies that we're in the Episode. HBO paid quite nicely, over $300+ for the day to just come out and ride and be backdrop riders. In addition, HBO made some nice capital improvements on the property, from a new start finish line area, bleachers, ... more »

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I found this review to be way off base in most aspects. I assume the reviewer played the game is 3rd person view, as the game does seem stiff in this mode. Playing in 1st person mode greatly enhances the experience. Overall, MXGP2 is a significant improvement over MXGP1 as the tracks are vastly improved and terrain features i.e. berms and ruts evolve during the course of the race and actually impact the handling of the bike. This is by far, the best Motocross game in the market to date. It's far superior in realism and overall gameplay compared to the MX ATV Reflex series.

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I've ridden the AER forks and spoken to at least 5 riders (A and vert riders) running mostly 250 sx-f Fe's. MXA has some excellent guidance on fork setup. Everyone I spoke to confirms their view on running lower PSI. All of them are running between 138-145PSI ... more »