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So many gems here...."custom chewed by a puppy"..

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Such a cool story, thanks for sharing. Would love to see those big whips you mentioned

I've noticed his flashes of brilliance through the years and I'm looking forward to the rest of the world seeing what he can bring to the table. (Maybe I'll ... more »
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True. Seems intentionally "low-key," like they're trying to keep the focus off of one JB replacing another.

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Lol, my handle doesn't give me away?

Ok...long story... I've been a fan since his 2011 250SX Lites championship season. Tickle's a smart, serious rider who lets his bike do the talking, and I think he's suffered for his shyness/lack of "charisma" ... more »
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Your thoughts are mine exactly, I think changing the "guy behind the guy" mindset is key with Tickle and one of the main reasons I'm optimistic about his future with Aldon/KTM.

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Sweet! His star is definitely rising in the same way Barcia's seems to have flamed out. Glad to see the RCH guys have confirmed good homes.

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Awesome! I personally think he's a great fit for the team. He's mature, committed and has all the right raw material. As a longtime BT20 fan, can't wait to see him kicking some ass in 2018!

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Realistically, he's only got ~5 years, give or take, more in the tank. So he might as well stick with 16. It suits him well and somehow seems cooler than 8 anyhow.

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Seven Deuce Deuce FTW!

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I legit spit out my drink

Jason Thomas aka JT$
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I don't think KTM could have made a better decision myself. Tickle has proved to be an absolutely incredible rider when he has the confidence and motivation. Uninjured, he's got the skill, the fitness, and the speed to run with the best. It's the mental ... more »

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Yep. And I'm inclined to think that was the extent of any "plan," to fluster Tomac into riding over his head and screwing up.

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LOL true. Love this.

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Yeah, my inner conspiracy theorist guessed that Herlings was there for just that reason, to bait Tomac into pushing it and wrecking it. A passive aggressive, mental-games sort of ploy a la Tomacs infamous Vegas SX "bunching" technique.

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Yes. American riders could learn a lot from Herlings' technique. If you can't beat them, BE them. Zacho makes it clear how racing guys like Herlings & Roczen in Europe has helped take his riding to the next level.

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Charging thru the pack from practically dead last to a win, like JS7 did in 03 at Budds Creek

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Exactly what I was thinking, this race made me wish KR94 was out there giving him a real challenge!

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Great team, sad to see it gone. Had two top 10 guys with Tickle & Bogle; at least Bogle gave them a proper send-off last week

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For sure...pretty impressive that he was able to come close as he did with any 0's at all. Only one in top 4 to have any.