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Reply to Tickle broken wrist..? 4/27/2017 5:58 AM

Sucks, it looked like things were really starting to click for him. Hope he recovers quickly.

Reply to I've seen this girl before 4/19/2017 1:43 PM

Well, he IS only 22, and she IS hot. I don't really recall the screening process or long-range planning being very rigorous at that age. For all we know they're just having one of those wonderful, no-strings flings. Ah, youth... On the subject of RV's

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Reply to Pro Taper Forum Fantasy Round 15, Salt Lake 4/19/2017 12:45 PM

450 1. Tomac 2. Musquin 3. Anderson 250 1. Oldenberg 2. McElrath 3. Plessinger

Reply to skill/talent - nature OR nurture 4/19/2017 12:31 PM

I'm no authority on any of this, but it rings true, and not just for athletes. Like there's this valve to raw, uninhibited talent/inspiration that gets choked off the more you overthink whatever it is you're doing. That's why I think, for example, that ... more »

Reply to Analyze This Chad Reed Dream 4/17/2017 7:34 AM

Wow, crazy! I love dream analysis and your dream got me excited bc it was so vivid and symbolic. I haven't interpreted any in a while. I'm in journalism these days but I've always been really fascinated by dreams, and used to interpret them for friends

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Reply to Analyze This Chad Reed Dream 4/16/2017 9:58 AM

Ok, I'll take a stab: You have been tasked to fulfill a responsibility that you feel is overwhelming/over your head. You fear failure. You wish to perform perfectly, even though you somewhat resent said responsibility. There is conflict between this ... more »

Reply to Lots of talk about RD, how about these peeps? 3/19/2017 1:12 PM

Poor Bogle. He actually started out OK, but it all went to crap after Tickle, then a whole slew of other guys, passed him.

Reply to Juliana 3/19/2017 1:02 PM

Nightmare fuel there. But TV is so harsh, man. Pick a hangnail, shuffle your feet and nod a lot when talking to a friend? No one notices. Do it on TV? You look like an escaped convict about to have a psychotic break.

Reply to Juliana 3/19/2017 12:22 PM

I never realized how awkward on-camera fidgeting looked until I took a public speaking for media course and saw myself & many classmates played back on video. So cringe-tastic and distracting. You better believe we all became very aware of our hands

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Reply to "It's just a dirt bike race" ??? 3/19/2017 11:06 AM

My $.02. I'm sure all of us have had times in life where we have worked very, very hard to accomplish something - be it in school, our jobs, hobbies, or romantically. And, despite the enormous amounts of effort we've put in, it hasn't worked out. So, ... more »

Reply to Just maybe Dungeys...... 3/19/2017 8:45 AM

Seriously, why do we assume he wasn't trying? Given Dungey's insane work ethic and the high standards he's consistently set for himself, which has been established throughout his career, it would be VERY out of character for him to suddenly say "screw ... more »