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Reply to The last 10 motos 6/4/2017 1:53 PM

I'm personally loving this crazy unpredictable MX season, it really gives us an opportunity to see lots of different riders/riding styles shine. Who woulda ever thunk we'd see Bogle throwing nac-nacs on his final victory lap?

Reply to Kathy Griffin 6/4/2017 1:37 PM

+1 Seriously, where are people's principles? Kathy Griffin is an attention whoring piece of shit. So is Ted Nugent. Siding with either one of them is like...what "beliefs" are you actually fighting for anyway? Define your specific "platform," other than ... more »

Reply to Makes me angry 6/4/2017 1:28 PM

Amen to this. What POS "humans" in this story, though. Fucking unbelievable, I'm sorry your wife has had to put up with this disgusting shit.

Reply to Why tf is there breaks in coverage on NBC gold 6/4/2017 1:16 PM

I think it's a matter of context. For those with cable who've enjoyed the comparatively slick production and quality of FS1/2 coverage of MESX, yeah, it's a total downgrade. The coverage breaks are random and annoying, and the production quality varies ... more »

Reply to Roger Waters... 6/4/2017 1:03 PM

Exactly. Though I can see both sides of this. I understand the annoyance of paying good money to be entertained just to be blasted with the theatrical equivalent of the most annoying people on your Facebook feed. On the other hand, this is 100% consistent ... more »

Reply to What on earth is up with Tomac.... 6/4/2017 12:41 PM

ET's always been hot/cold, but I don't think he's ever had the pressure coming into this moto season on him before. All eyes and bets are on him. The pressure was hard enough on cool, consistent Dungey - imagine how Tomac feels. Obviously he doesn't ... more »

Reply to Thumbs up to Bogle! 6/4/2017 10:42 AM

Bogle KILLED it! He's been a new guy out there lately. Just a matter of consistency, but he showed he has the speed and skills to be one of the guys to watch for sure.

Reply to Pro Taper Forum Fantasy Round 3, Thunder Valley 6/2/2017 11:31 AM

450 1. Tomac 2. Musquin 3. Tickle 250 1. Osborne 2. Ferrandis 3. Ciancurulo

Reply to Roczen's rabbit 5/29/2017 6:07 PM

Ok, I love this. It looks like his dexterity is really improving, too, handling the rabbit.

Reply to Glen Helen MX Practice Discussion 5/27/2017 12:49 PM

Random, weird observation: Is it just me, or did JW go out of his way to insert the word "MOTORING" into the commentary? Like on a dare or something, because he started really cracking up after he said it. I half expected them to close the feed with ... more »

Reply to Pro Taper Forum Fantasy Round 2, Glen Helen 5/27/2017 9:18 AM

450 1. Tomac 2. Musquin 3. Seely 250 1. Osborne 2. JMart 3. Forkner

Reply to Pro Taper Forum Fantasy Round 1, Hangtown 5/19/2017 7:35 PM

450 1. Musquin 2.Tomac 3. Tickle 250 1. Forkner 2. Osborne 3. Ciancurulo

Reply to 2018 supercross 5/10/2017 2:24 PM

I would love to see something in the Mid Atlantic (DC/Baltimore/Philly). The only one I was able to do w/o air travel was the NYC/NJ round.

Reply to RC "Off Camera Show" Inteview 5/9/2017 8:04 PM

I hadn't seen them either, thanks for sharing! These are great, esp. loved hearing about his racing JS7.

Reply to Could RD beat Tomac again in 2018? 5/8/2017 9:25 PM

I think so. Dungey has a solid track record. Every single season he delivers a championship worthy performance. Tomac, on the other hand, shot out from nowhere to replace Roczen as Dungey's main nemesis. He was just wicked fast and talented this season. ... more »

Reply to Racer X Podcast 5/8/2017 9:09 PM

Matthes was so hell bent on hammering his point that he got tunnel vision and lost sight of the whole scenario. Frustrating to listen to. He'll probably never admit it but once he cools off it's gonna be embarrassing.

Reply to Matthes not in the after party 5/8/2017 8:57 PM

Same, I had a few sips and poured the rest out just to have the can for the pit pass. It tasted really sweet and fragrant, like if perfume tasted the way it smelled. In other words, like nothing that should safely be ingested.

Reply to MM25, what happened to him last night? 5/7/2017 3:05 PM

He was off for sure. I wonder if the stress from last week got in his head. Unlike his teammate, he hasn't really been conditioned to deal with the spotlight, not to mention all the criticism and controversy. I can only imagine he got raked over the ... more »

Reply to 722 and 723 5/7/2017 2:04 PM

Confession: I refer to him as the Seven-deuce-tres too. Thanks, Ralph

Reply to Did I hear Dungey drop an unbeeped "Fu*k Yeah" bomb on National TV? 5/7/2017 12:56 PM

Same, he's earned it!