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Reply to Anderson pissed 6/19/2017 10:03 AM

Agreed. Was there and BB4 really did appear to back it down, for a while he was a legitimate threat. He's smart and from all the interviews I've seen, a real big picture guy. He had 1st overall anyway, the extra feather in his cap of catching Tomac would've ... more »

Reply to opana pulled from market 6/19/2017 9:55 AM

Right, and that "separation" you have made is EXACTLY the mentality that gets ordinary people hooked. Yes, many individuals are able to use opiates in a responsible, medically supervised manner. Many others aren't so lucky, especially in lower income ... more »

Reply to opana pulled from market 6/19/2017 9:09 AM

They are no joke. It's scary, recovering from surgery and feeling the "need" for more Percocet. Then you're like, "wait a moment, is this what it's like to...OH SHIT." I try to minimize my exposure to that crap as much as possible because it really is ... more »

Reply to Guilty of texting someone to death 6/19/2017 8:40 AM

That's pretty harsh. While I agree that society is becoming more entitled and narcissistic as a whole, I don't believe that an entire generation of young women are heartless sociopaths who would actively and obsessively urge another person to end his ... more »

Reply to Osbourne's goggle/visor issue... 6/19/2017 8:22 AM

Saw it happen and didn't look sketchy at all, Zach was out to win and did what he had to do. AMart had plenty of time to react. Got a few pics of Zach's goggle-less look coming around the finish line area. And yes, those ruts were insane, basically knee-deep.

... more »
Reply to Anderson pissed 6/19/2017 7:37 AM

Don't think it's Bogle. JB19 has actually been quite humble about his win, acknowledging it as part of a larger, ongoing improvement process rather than a "Hold on to your red plates, mofos" declaration. The kick seemed more from heat of the moment frustration ... more »

Reply to Guilty of texting someone to death 6/18/2017 6:12 PM

Guilty 100%. Obviously a sociopath, toying with a human life for her own twisted entertainment/ego.

Reply to Props to Broc 6/18/2017 1:09 PM

As a longtime BT20 fan, this "praise" makes me cringe every time it comes out of Langston's mouth. I'm very happy to see him becoming one of the actual "GUYS." I'd imagine the fear of playing second fiddle to Justin Bogle is a huge motivation as

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Reply to Anderson pissed 6/18/2017 12:48 PM

Agreed. Makes it interesting and brings a "story" aspect back into the mix. Fans love a good rivalry and picking "sides."

Reply to Bogle trying to donkey kick Anderson 6/18/2017 12:41 PM

Not the smartest move but I'd imagine Bogle was pissed to be taken down when he was doing so well. A purely kneejerk emotional reaction in the heat of the moment.

Reply to Star power dominate rider missing 6/18/2017 12:36 PM

I think Tomac, Musquin and Baggett all definitely have the potential. Added edge for Baggett bc he also brings a great, outgoing personality into the mix. Which tends to help "starpower."

Reply to So I Painted a Helmet... Opinions Please! 6/15/2017 12:41 PM

That is seriously killer work, absolutely incredible for the first time too.

Reply to Vital Bingo (Now Fortified With Troll Power! See Page 7) 6/14/2017 6:56 PM

Cross-jumping Is (dominant rider whose last couple races haven't been great) done for? Friese-d STICK A FORK IN HIM

Reply to Tomac's Imminent Silencing of Everyone 6/12/2017 12:17 PM

I was thinking about the anger-motivation issue, but about Baggett instead. Baggett went IN on Matthes/Tomac, and it seemed like Matthes baited him, whether intentionally or not, with his just-earlier rant on BB4 not yet having 100% proved himself on ... more »

Reply to Did she just propose to Peely? 6/6/2017 2:01 PM

What a nightmare. Christ. ... more »
Reply to RedBull KTM should move Blake Bagget over! 6/5/2017 7:36 AM

Maybe $$$ but I agree. Plus he could slam that icy cold bottle of water after the race on live TV with no cares

Reply to Thumbs up to Bogle! 6/5/2017 7:30 AM

Me too, it just put a smile on my face to see him having so much fun out there. Baggett too, but esp. a total underdog like Bogle, someone most of us would never even put 3rd on our fantasy podiums. Watching guys win who aren't used to winning, you can't ... more »

Reply to Would you? 6/4/2017 6:51 PM

Do it!!

Reply to The last 10 motos 6/4/2017 1:53 PM

I'm personally loving this crazy unpredictable MX season, it really gives us an opportunity to see lots of different riders/riding styles shine. Who woulda ever thunk we'd see Bogle throwing nac-nacs on his final victory lap?

Reply to Kathy Griffin 6/4/2017 1:37 PM

+1 Seriously, where are people's principles? Kathy Griffin is an attention whoring piece of shit. So is Ted Nugent. Siding with either one of them is like...what "beliefs" are you actually fighting for anyway? Define your specific "platform," other than ... more »