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Yes. American riders could learn a lot from Herlings' technique. If you can't beat them, BE them. Zacho makes it clear how racing guys like Herlings & Roczen in Europe has helped take his riding to the next level.

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Reply to Historic ride. JS7 would be proud. 8/26/2017 2:46 PM

Charging thru the pack from practically dead last to a win, like JS7 did in 03 at Budds Creek

Reply to Ya think Roger may wanna talk to Herlings? 8/26/2017 2:39 PM

Exactly what I was thinking, this race made me wish KR94 was out there giving him a real challenge!

Reply to Thanks RCH you'll be missed 8/26/2017 2:36 PM

Great team, sad to see it gone. Had two top 10 guys with Tickle & Bogle; at least Bogle gave them a proper send-off last week

Reply to Ironman MX National Bench Racing - The Motos 8/26/2017 2:28 PM

For sure...pretty impressive that he was able to come close as he did with any 0's at all. Only one in top 4 to have any.

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My jaw dropped IRL when he said that

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I'm with you until "LESS mainstream." How do you figure that would help? Not disagreeing, just curious. My opinion is that the sport needs to be MORE mainstream (featured in movies, music videos, celebrity interest, etc.) so that the kids think it's ... more »

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I actually kinda liked the polka dots, though I wouldn't be caught dead wearing them personally. That neon harlequin thing

Agreed that Bogle has some of the best style on the track, both gear and riding-wise. ... more »
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+1 for Oxyclean.

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Agree with this. Everyone has made some really good points; it's likely a culmination of all of them. In general, it seems to be dying out the way the electric guitar/music made with real instruments are. It takes a lot of time, expense and effort to ... more »

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Exactly. I don't even really understand why people would rather their favorite athletes be boring robots, anyway.

And it's sad how resistant people are to seeing anything from someone else's point of view, yet they get SO UPSET if you don't ... more »
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Right, but it's not like he gets that upset after every race. A lot was at stake, he fumbled, so adrenaline and emotions got the best of him. And it happens even to the best. Remember how Dungey went off about "cheap shots" right after winning the SX ... more »

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This is the most reasonable comment on this post. I was at the race and didn't see what happened, if anything happened at all. But in addition to the observations here, we also have to consider these guys literally roll RIGHT from the finish line to ... more »

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Justin Bogle had it all locked in yesterday. He was seriously smooth in places other guys struggled and his flexible, BMX-ish riding style is really cool to watch. He has the ability to be a consistent podium guy if he stays in the right mindset. Hearing ... more »

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Congrats to Zacho, he is my favorite guy to watch at the moment. Just has so much heart and pushes above and beyond the limit every single race. Really proves he has earned it 100%.

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Only been to Budds Creek and High Point but Budds wins by a mile for visibility. Actually felt I could roam around the place without missing too much of the action; almost anywhere you stand you can get a great view/photo op. The hills really help with ... more »

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In the US, anyway, broadcast journalism is not held to nearly the same standard as print journalism. It's basically factoids spun and spit out into narratives tailored to support your "liberal" or "conservative" beliefs. MSNBC, FOX, etc. are complete ... more »

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Man, those were the days. They put you right there in the action.