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Bitching, finger-pointing, questionable use of meaningless political jargon...meanwhile last night was the best sequel to last week we could have asked for. Like a 2 part series. Freakin' amazing racing.

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x100. Though it really shows the tenuous grasp many people have on politics these days. Your stance on Osborne's pass, relevant to how you view current geopolitical events? Sure, why not? Anything goes.

That said, Osborne kicked ass, I was ... more »
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Seriously hurt to watch. I really thought he was going to get through last night, he was on fire.

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I don't think ET was making excuses for his own specific performance that night with those remarks. The incident between RD & MM was 1. Shady 2. Most definitely contributes to the overall points distribution and 3. Makes it that much harder ... more »
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I honestly have no idea why anyone would blame Ryan or Marv personally for this. If anything, the entire incident smacks of too LITTLE communication and planning. No one anticipated Tomac (comparatively) stinking up the joint. Under the valid assumption ... more »

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I guess that's what happens when you get your ass kissed by everyone for going on two decades now. Sadly it seems like the self reflection needed to realize HE is the only constant factor in his recent disappointments is utterly beyond his reach. He ... more »

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Right?? It's strange when you think about it. Most people think nothing of spending a huge chunk of their leisure time watching TV or browsing the web. But spend even 5-10 minutes creating something and people wonder HOW THE HELL YOU HAVE THE SPARE TIME.

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+1. This looks awesome.

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You could really make a chart like that and replace the moto related stuff with ANY topic discussed on a forum or comment section. The internet is a salty ass place...

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Got mine today, real nice quality stickers too. Thanks!!

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Amazing & very professional looking photos! I took a crap load of pics there too but nothing turned out remotely this good. Thanks for sharing!

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His sisters are so hot tho, I was looking forward to more

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Sucks, it looked like things were really starting to click for him. Hope he recovers quickly.

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Well, he IS only 22, and she IS hot. I don't really recall the screening process or long-range planning being very rigorous at that age. For all we know they're just having one of those wonderful, no-strings flings. Ah, youth... On the subject of RV's

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450 1. Tomac 2. Musquin 3. Anderson 250 1. Oldenberg 2. McElrath 3. Plessinger

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I'm no authority on any of this, but it rings true, and not just for athletes. Like there's this valve to raw, uninhibited talent/inspiration that gets choked off the more you overthink whatever it is you're doing. That's why I think, for example, that ... more »

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Wow, crazy! I love dream analysis and your dream got me excited bc it was so vivid and symbolic. I haven't interpreted any in a while. I'm in journalism these days but I've always been really fascinated by dreams, and used to interpret them for friends

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Ok, I'll take a stab: You have been tasked to fulfill a responsibility that you feel is overwhelming/over your head. You fear failure. You wish to perform perfectly, even though you somewhat resent said responsibility. There is conflict between this ... more »