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I had a ball python who recently died at 25, he was awesome. Would love to get another but my gf hates snakes. So I'm totally going to show her these photos. Bc they are as close to adorable as a snake can get

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Intelligence/sentience is a common measuring stick in how we determine animal value. And of course the pig usually flouts that convention. So I would argue that it's not so much "intelligence" as it is "companionability." How good is the animal at fitting ... more »

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Right, makes it fun! If anyone "breaks" it'll be Baggett. He's put his neck out far more than ET3 or JA21 in this war of words, and he has the most pride at stake to lose. Tomac has wisely backed away from the "feud" so even if Baggett ends up on top ... more »

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450 1. Tomac 2. Baggett 3. Tickle 250 1. Osborne 2. Plessinger 3. A. Mart

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It was a reminder that these guys really aren't too far removed from being teenagers, despite the polished image they usually push so hard. BB trying to push his obviously prepared "ha ha it's all fun and games u guise!!" backpedaling as Anderson and ... more »

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Makes me curious, what happened? Many moons ago I wrote a feature story on women who "stalk" (to varying degrees) certain musicians. I spent time with a handful of them as they tracked down hotel rooms, tour bus schedules, prepared "presents," their ... more »

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Damn. When I was 16, I would NOT have hesitated. Being older and wiser, serious side-eye to any woman who wants sex with a teenage guy. Especially a babe like that, who doesn't look like she has to be desperate

Probably a lot more cases of ... more »
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This. Watching BB try and put his money where his mouth is makes for some great racing.

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Super impressed with his riding! Obviously getting some tips from big brother

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LOL this is

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I was thinking yesterday that BB's shit talking had got into his OWN head, and in a positive way for him. You can't talk shit like that then not end up on the podium without looking like a fool. Especially when you know BOTH the guys you instigated will ... more »

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Exactly this. And it's great to see everything live, as it happens. Did the YouTube thing for SX and I really don't miss having to scout out unreliable, often crappy quality uploads. Not to mention trying to avoid spoilers until I find the right ones. ... more »

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Don't forget to factor in MM's injury. For all we know, the risk of keeping Marv riding with a bum knee PLUS without a front brake was determined to be greater than the reward. It would be idiotic to put him at the risk of a season/career threatening ... more »

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Coverage was actually the best ever I've seen it today, consistent and less buggy than in past weeks. Really is a great app, have enjoyed it.

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Usually closing and restarting the app helps for me. When that doesn't work, it generally indicates I'm in an area with a bad connection.

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Agree with Magic 8 Ball, BB FTW

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450 1. Baggett 2. Tickle 3. Anderson 250 1. Osborne 2. JMart 3. Ferrandis

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Don't understand it either, not only does he take forever to get back on the bike, he rides like a completely different guy. Saw him at the NY SX round and he was basically sleepwalking. Compared to how he rode during the 2nd High Point moto, which I ... more »

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(Cautiously) STOKED! Love watching him ride, have missed the dominance and personality he brings to the sport. Great news.