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you mean tomac 2.0?

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Does AC definitely go 450 next year? Or do Kawi make it worthwhile to stay in the 250's and run the number 1 plate?

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I still love the 2016 style the best, thought they got a bit bland after this.

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Surely after last night he will be told his job is to help Webb win the title for KTM? I think Coop would have to have two night outside the top ten, and Marv win both races to have a chance at the title?

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I get the feeling he knows he is now going to have to help Coop win the title rather than having a shot himself. Sounded absolutely gutted on the podium.

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Finally the real ET3 makes an appearance. Amazing to watch when he is just making the race track his bitch.

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Closest thing to this would be TM. I think you can order from the factory with the options you want, at least you used to be able to. For instance you could specify it with Ohlins suspension front and rear for extra, add electric start when it wasn't ... more »

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Its almost like Carlos Rivera has some secret setup technique for starts for the riders he works for. Webb is just reminding me of how Dungey used to go about business. Grab a great start, always seeming to be in the first 4-5 riders if not better, and ... more »

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Does that mean the RV left these two as well as Dungeys title on the table? Did RC4 leave the next x amount on the table? Did Mcgrath leave..... Pointless thread is pointless.

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It'll happen before the season is over. Marv hinted that payback is on its way in the post race interview. Although Webb is probably smart enough to know just to let him by if he gets a sniff at him.

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The only time I have an issue is when they are towards the end of the main and you occasionally get some of the slower riders who are a few laps down still out there rolling jumps not actively racing the track, then they should be pulled in and parked. ... more »

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Cant dispute those facts. Also cant say everything turns to gold is all I am pointing out, last 7 years haven't, and in any other sport a team manager that doesn't deliver the goods would be long gone.

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cough MXDN cough

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Yeah impressed as well, thought it was all over when Blake cruised up the back of him. Good to see some fight in him, hopefully he can keep it up and run this thing to the wire even though I'm more of a Webb fan the Marv.

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Have whoop sections got a lot shorter overall as well? Maybe its me looking back through rose tinted glasses, but I could have sworn that even just going back a few years you would have a whole lane of whoops where it really separated those who could ... more »

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Couldn't quite tell on the TV screen. but did Marv use some force to pass Webb in the first few?

Started new thread AUS/NZ Daytona Coverage 3/9/2019 1:21 PM

Anyone have any good sources for a replay of Daytona later tonight? thought I would just buy the live coverage for it, but $30 USD for one race, they can go eat a d**k. Any good channels that put the replays up in HD reasonably soon after the event? ... more »

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2012 KX450f. Lots of fond memories, bike was a tank, just plowed through everything, engine was awesome and just a tough bike. Looking back, the bike handled pretty bad, and I cant help but feel alot of the fond memories was from the group I was riding ... more »

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That's a shame. Would have been good for one to have the three race format. Instead one coast races an extra Triple Crown.

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Is there more than one east/west this year? If so, is the first one a triple crown event?