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Im always amazed that JT can talk for that long on his own, yet manages to keep it interesting enough that I still listen to it all. When i opened this I thought no way I'll make it through 1hr45 of one person talking, yet did it easy.

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Finally got a ride on my new to me 19. Very impressed, easily the best suspension I have ridden on, those square edge bumps are non existent now, braking bumps are (almost?) fun. Handling felt pretty much spot on as well, no RMZ on turn in, but does ... more »

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For anyone still thinking its all an over reaction, worth having a read through this, pretty bloody bleak, from someone on the front line of it in Italy.

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That gave me a chuckle on an otherwise pretty gloomy day

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Pretty sure that post was about this weekend being 100% cancelled after an earlier post hinting it was off.

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Lawsuit for what? Only possible outcomes: 1- No one wins a championship this year 2- Tomac keeps the title In either of those scenarios Ken can't win the title as he is second in points, so would be the biggest waste of time and look incerdibly petty. ... more »

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I signed up as well just before Daytona for the rest of the season, fantastic timing by me lol

Started new thread Brayton v Friese 3/9/2020 12:06 PM

Anyone have the footage of the last lap 'pass' Vince put on Brayton? Listening to the pulp review, sounds like it was pretty questionable.

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If thats the case, how long before Kawi are on the blower to Bowers saying, remember when Barcia broke your leg at the monster cup? Here's some money and a factory bike, go pay him back.

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Picked up my new to me 19 a couple days back, haven't had a chance to ride it yet. Quick question, how long do the battery's hold charge for? Will it slowly drain away if not being used frequently? Should I be firing it up once a week if I'm not using ... more »

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Listen to the 20min renthal reaction podcast they have just done, they again touch on how aparently KTM were really pissed about the Honda deal.

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Thanks for the responses, seems I am in the ballpark anyway. Might start with a 6 in the back and go from there, been 5 years since riding so I am probably going to be a bit slow and rusty for the first year. Did I also see somewhere that the shock has ... more »

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Quick question on suspension for us larger blokes. Looking at a 2019 KX450 and been checking spring rates. If I go to racetech calculator it suggests forks springs would be a 0.51 which seems pretty common on all the video reviews as a good option for ... more »

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Has anyone done it? See a lot of people pushing AC as a title contender. would he become one of the few or possibly only rider to win a premier sx title who has also tried unsuccessfully in the 125/250 regionals classes? Guessing there would be few from ... more »

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Wee man in the house would love this!

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Just blows my mind still seeing stuff like that. Hucking a massive combo like that, timing it, slamming the brakes and making the next corner.

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Honestly a tough one this upcoming season. You could tell me Tomac, Roczen, Anderson, Webb, Musquin and I could see all of them doing it. Be an amazing season if they can all stay healthy.

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Weege goes straight to the source

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Maybe I missed the news but has Josh Grant retired?

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Is Davalos sniffing round that seat as well? Seems he's trying hard to get something sorted for next year. Good position for MCR to be in a way with riders after that seat that on there night can do well and run in the top 5.