Added reply in a thread A Shout Out to the WP & KTM techs at Glen Helen, today.. 11/13/2020 2:38 PM

RaceTech gold valves in the wp suspension on my Alta work great on the main at Fox, and i prefer riding there later in the day when the track is roughest. Get your valving done.

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Is the shock still available?

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#1 is always suspension. Absolutely critical on every bike. Stock suspension is way too soft for me. #2 is bars. I'm 6'1" and prefer straighter (less pullback), lower bars and roll them back a bit. #3 is foot pegs. I need a large, sharp footpegs. I can't ... more »

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It appears to be their SE Pro line, but in an unreleased colorway. I'm assuming they'll release a short run of it next year like they did for the TLD KTM kit stuff.

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I am still undecided, honestly. The forecast shows super cold temps, windy, with a good chance of rain all weekend. That could mean either a sloppy, miserable glen helen or really prime conditions if the rain turns out to be light.

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TL:DR, slightly oversprung with matched damping is best. -Spring is force based and gets stiffer with distance compressed. -Shim stack damping is velocity based and NOT distance traveled, and gets stiffer with the speed of the suspension movement. All ... more »

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Those fork stickers are disturbing my OCD.

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Double the stiction, half the fun.

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I was there that day. He looked really good for the first time out on the 125, but like anyone hopping on a new bike, its going to take time to get very comfortable, get the bike set up for him, etc. At the moment he looks more "comfy" on his supermini ... more »

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Only a matter of time before Uncle Green gets a big boy ebike for himself

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I think a common misconception is that buying A or B kit suspension is automatically going to give you amazing suspension. Thats not necessarily true. A and B-Kit suspension can be terrible for you if not set up properly for you. Even the pros are constantly ... more »

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Couple things have made a big difference for me over the years, and only 1 of them costs money. 1: Better fitness 2: Tighter steering (sounds counter intuitive, but keep reading) 3: Squeezing with the legs and relax your grip on the bars 4: Good suspension ... more »

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Comes into a topic about Altas, bitches about actual owners saying good things about them. You must be fun at parties.

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Will be there racing my Alta again in 30+! Really looking forward to it. 4th overall 2 years in a row.... need to do better.

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I don't think any Alta owner has had an issue with the electric motor thus far. There is only 1 moving part in it. Both of my bikes have been rock solid. 135 hours on my MXR, 85 hours on my EXR, both perform exactly like the day i got them. Anybody i ... more »

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I just find it funny that a state riddled with power outages, pleas for customers to limit power usage, wild fires, and already the most expensive electricity rates in the country wants to drastically increase the load on the electrical grid. It's just ... more »

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Dang, Broc. Sorry for your loss man. On a lighter note, it was rad spinning a few laps with you on Friday.

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I'm heading out there tomorrow on the Alta and the KX450 and will do a little work in between motos. Open 9-4 on Friday. High of only 88 so it should be good.

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371 No reason, i just thought it looked cool.

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Income and net worth are vastly different things, my friend.