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Sometimes when you mess with the goat you get the horns...And then a Stone Cold/Goldberg opens a can of whoop ass on you. For a guy with a fused back and screwed up ribs he can still take a beating.

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Hope that guy comes back and is a bad mut#$%^&*@r again! Who doesn't like a great comeback?

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I wonder what guys like Mitch Payton, Donnie Emler and Rocket Man think about electric bikes. Only time will tell.

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His bad starts make for better racing...For us. I like to watch his charge through the pack.

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That's why I got one of those janky traffic camera's. Protect yourself from the nonsense.

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A fine and probation until the end of the season seems sufficient. Dungey handled himself the right way after the race. He still has a 4pt lead. And with 4 races there's no reason to make it a gigantic issue that could become more costly. Keep calm and ... more »

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Sighs...I can't make everyone happy. The list cont. 29.Alice In Chains Alice In Chains Greatest Hits 30.The Beatles 1 31.Bruce Springsteen The Essential Bruce Springsteen 32.Creedence Clearwater Revival Chronicle, Vol. 1 33.Def Leppard Rock Of Ages:The ... more »

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Not in any particular order. 1.AC/DC Live 2.Beastie Boys Licensed to ill 3.Blood Hound Gang One Fierce Beer Coaster 4.Disturbed The Sickness 5.Five Finger Death Punch The Way Of the Fist 6.Hate Breed The Rise of Brutality 7.Kid Rock Devil Without A Cause ... more »

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Always have loved Red Bud, but in the last few years they've put up a lot of fencing that I personally don't care for. I do understand why they would have to. Still a great event, that tall fencing sucks.

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22nd to 7th. Doctor says he's fine and will improve.

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This is the best footage they have of him. It looks like he's adapting well.

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It will get some buys for sure. I wonder what weight they will fight at? It will probably be like a celebrity boxing match, but all the pre-fight stuff will be entertaining and worth it. McGregor throws lots of hard lefts so if he can catch him with ... more »

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Strongly disagree.

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Strangely, I got lost admiring that action cameras image stabilization. I wondered if he had that helmet mounted. My janky action camera when handlebar mounted is so shaky it would loosen your eyeballs from the sockets. And yeah, that dude was so lucky. ... more »

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I'm not a high school science teacher, but if I was. Now would be the time to start cooking..err thinking of..Ahh, never mind. Good luck man.

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Ya know, parts of this thread felt like a infomercial, but I still don't know what is being sold and how I can get this wealth they speak of. Yet, I will continue to watch.

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This might be the best San Diego round of all time...Of All Time.

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Hmm..Oh I see what you did there.

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Repost..You should know this. It does need some updating.

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