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awful lot of people in this tread spewing 'ive drank a beer', 'ive had pain meds', 'i didn't get addicted'. 'it'd bad don't do it' . 'why would you want to' blah blah blah ignorant shit. If it was a simple problem, 10% of the population wouldn't be struggling ... more »

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thats all well and good, except they aren't racing B locally, they are still racing C locally.

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you guys are nuts if you don't think sand bagging is rooted deep in every level of this sport. It doesn't bother me at LL's, it's fine how it is. Where it sucks is the local level. When the difference in skill level from D to C is much greater then from ... more »

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that vertical hip jump at glen helen that guys were landing layed over pinned into the corner, dope.

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If your helmet is rocking forward and back enough it upset your glasses your helmet may not be fitting correctly. I wear glasses under normal goggles, they barely move on hard cases and over jumps. The only time they are painful is when the goggles get ... more »