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Every time I go riding I’m pretty sure it’s the most fun I’ve ever had. I’m lucky enough to have fox, Cahuilla, elsinore, barona, Perris and state fair as my local tracks

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I would do runs of both. Moto guys are going to want the single piece. i don’t know anything about rider statistics, but I bet most aren’t moto guys. There are probably a good amount who would spend 30 for more hp. Also I really like having my number ... more »

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Definitely send it to Enzo. Really all it needs is the revalve. If you want to keep throwing money at it you could get different pistons and what ever other internas they do. You could get the fork legs coated. If your going to spend that much money, ... more »

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There are usually jumps there that I probably wouldn’t hit if I had to jump them first. But there are always guys hitting everything it isn’t that bad. Fox is sketchier and that’s my home track.

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You can see the guy literally go off the track to the inside to have a line to hit him. What a cunt

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Yep. Just looked on ig. It will be open. Vet track only

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Barcia got broadcast time passing sexton while he was on the ground you uncivilized swine

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Leatt knee protection is tits. I started with the duel axis then upgraded after a few years to the next tier, which still aren’t full blown knee braces. More like wrap around knee pads.

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I’m only 6’4” and I really like the Yamahas. Probably an unpopular opinion but I’ve not found the different brands to matter with comfort at my height. I get my suspension revalved with the forks stiffer then average for someone my weight/speed. Then ... more »

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A 350 class, so i can get a yz350f

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Chasing my buddy on a recent riding trip to Bass Lake CA.

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Giving it a listen right now

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Pala is closest but is super busy. Elsinore is second closest, has 2 vet tracks, and is better then Pala for someone new. Cahuilla has the best vet track but could be intimidating if it’s your first track day. Perris and state fair vet tracks are good ... more »

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If you are riding a 125 and prefer the lower rpms Get the 250f. The 450 is a super big jump from a 125.

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Most important: helmet, boots, knee protection Mid: gloves and goggles Last: pants, jersey Take your budget and scale accordingly. Riding socks are nice and so are compression shorts once you get you gear selection built up.

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No clutch brake tapper here. I never stall the bike. When I was learning I killed the bike a few times. I would land on the gas with the clutch out, let it bump start and rip away no problem. The only time I could see it sucking would be if you went ... more »

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Remember so many Vitards posting about how we would never see Ryan in the sport again after he retired. it’s good to see him still motoing

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Even the week day evening practices have been packed. Usually the tracks start to thin out during summer when you start hitting 90 during the day. The track stayed packed and got the most blown out that I have seen it in quite some time.

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Michelin starcross 5 intermediate. They would have to pay me to go back to dunlops. Cahuilla, Perris, fox, lacr and state fair regular.

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I rode Perris last Thursday night and it was great. The foot print is the same but there were some different doubles/rhythms. Riding inside ruts it didn’t feel like a freeway. I haven’t ridden lacr in a couple years but I always like their layouts they ... more »