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I appreciate your up front reporting of your knowledge of what's going on in the industry. Please do not stop.

Reply to Leaving Mote due to injury, alternatives? 6/30/2020 9:16 PM

I post this for help if others want to do the surgery. It' so much better now. I recommend it - so far. I still have 8 weeks to go til I get clearance for golf. I have the 3 week DR meeting today at 10am. The pain is gone. Loving it at this point.

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Bazzer’s Box said it best. I read it in 1974. If you can’t get your pants up before the start gate, sex is a bad idea. True.

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Thanks Dave My excitement right now is watching adult soapbox derby and laying on ice packs. Thanks for your thoughts. Actually, I'm thinking soapbox derby might be kind of fun.

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I had the back surgery three weeks ago. Sciatica. Herniated Disk. My disc was rubbing against my spinal column. Feels like a pencil jamming in your butt muscle - calf pain and your toes go numb. On a pain level.......10 being I will kill myself. 9 was ... more »

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Anytime someone has crashed and is danger requires a person to stop and protect. During practice, a moto, or in life.

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I agree with this post. You weren't there. Those guys check for that.

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I like this photo.....It's the only time I ever was ahead of JG! Not for long! I have so much respect for JG. Keep on beating the kids.

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He has not started the 250 yet. It is in new condition. I asked him to invite me over to be there. I thought some people on here might like this. He has an original XR75 - 1996 version...all original....and a ton of other skootters.

New thread Thought you older guys might like this. 3/22/2020 10:15 PM

I raced this bike (not the actual bike - but the model - at Inverness) . Just awesome times. I shot these yesterday. The owner of Bithlo (I visit him all the time) has a neighbor who has these bikes.....just wow.

... more »

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New thread Would love to see Day in the Dirt Down South Photos 3/9/2020 12:05 AM

The ad posted a race from the old school riders.....how many showed up? Inverness, Homasasa Springs (Chicken Farm), St Pete, Orlando Sports Stadium, Bithlo, Sharps - Brevard Off Road Vehicular Park. Would love to see some of the riders from these tracks. ... more »

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That's not nice......Reality is a bitch. How about a Marcad57 sticker? 2 different stories here.

New thread How was your Daytona SX Experience today? 3/7/2020 9:17 PM

Just curious. Was it worth you time and money? The last SX I went to....Anahiem, I swore them off. Edit; It was not a fun time...mainly the dead time between qualifiers and the mains. Also, the show itself was pretty bad....the announcers, music, etc. ... more »

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The offer stands if i can help anyone.

New thread Space for camping next week 2/27/2020 10:57 PM

I have an acre with Electric if any team needs some space to park for a few days. I have tons of inside space 4000 ft for you to work on your bikes. Winter Park Casselberry All free.

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Yes. Big difference this year. Well done RC. Excellent

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See you guys on 11/24 I'll be there for a few days..... Lets talk at the riders meeting Sunday night. I'll be the bald guy connecting cables...... Looking forward to hanging with you all that week.

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Congrats to Swap on a successful business. You are hitting Vital every week now. Excellent

Reply to Dirt Bike Carnage 11/8/2019 10:29 PM

Thank you for this. Renthal has to love this! Please see my catch-phrase......

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There was a jump that was going away from the entrance and the tractor storage shed. When I walked the track, I thought no way.......when I pulled the trigger......I remembered why I loved MX. Same as when I did the elevator for the first time. (See ... more »