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This is so sad. Vital has had the answer for 10 years.

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He is awesome and a beast. Well done RD.....and I don't mean the rider. Much Respect.

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I'm thinking Eli is a top 3 (actually top 2) guy. I also think that Elis training program will change today if he wants success.

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I'll donate if someone posts up a link. Jonathan has made many of my Moto vacations fantastic. This is a great way of saying "THANKS"

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So, what is the physics of a dual pipe on a single? Are there 2 separate exhaust ports? A 3 valve head? Sorry, a bit behind.....

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I just did 9 minutes, upside down. Damn, that was intense. My right knee started screaming. I had no idea I had an injury on that guy. I stayed In the shower just now for 15 minutes on the hottest setting I could stand. Seriously....a million bucks right ... more »

Started new thread Inversion Therapy 11/21/2016 1:43 AM

This is a great place to ask about some therapy. There are many Doctors, Trainers, Vet riders, and Racers in general on this site. I would like your feedback. I had an inversion table unfortunately gifted to me by my brother who passed away a few years ... more »

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One of my favorite Moto weekends. We would ride our MX bikes over to the drag strip after the amateur SX race on the flat track. Loved that track. Have fun.

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Hardest track I've ever ridden. Nothing flows. Hated it. Loved it.

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Starting line roofs.

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Looking forward to Saturday

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I don't know you.

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Good Luck Vital MX member AnimalHungry Posts: 237 Joined: 4/1/2008 Location: CO, USA Enjoy every Moment! Yeh. Hillbilly - Good times if i could remember them. phuhuk hue My 3 worst concussions were there. 2 on the starting gate, on the roof... the third ... more »

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Before the new roof structure - there was a small roof over the gate that - over years had built up a hill as you pull into your start had to duck your head to miss the roof. 1st year there, I did not think of that after my hot lap and knocked ... more »

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Yup! Hillbilly caught me a few times....I passed 6-7 riders on the last lap one year. 30% Humidity? Hahahahahah ---- nuff' said get to the staging area as late as you can and not bake (Go see ahead of time when it is realistically the latest you can ... more »

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Always a sad day for me, but wonderful that I knew him.

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I'm trying to grab live web content and Syphon it to my Video mix software (Resolume). This will allow immediate live posts, TV, etc for live events. I have found some coding that will allow it through Chromium......but it is about 2 years old. Anyone ... more »

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James and Family have always been a class act.

Congrats to Malcolm and best luck to James in his future.

....BTW, they are good people because of their parents and they are awesome.

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