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Yes racing both days, either 2 motos Saturday and 1 on Sunday or vice-versa.


Nope. One can pre-enter at the track tomorrow starting at 1pm.

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Already signed up. Thanks for getting up and running so quickly

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Yes! Type f only though.

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MilestoneMX was great today. Lots of factory riders on the sx track and on the main. Good weather and spot on prep. I hope the rain tonight will be just a sprinkle, they have worked their butts off this week.

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Who hasn’t had a knee injury? Be patient, the depression passes and when you get back to riding, you will feel awesome.

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Makes me curious about the status of PerrisMX. I noticed the swap moto races series has no races at MilestoneMX or PerrisMX in the month of May. Oh well, longer drives but at the moment we’ll still have LACR Cahuilla Fox GlenHelenMX. Gonna have to work ... more »

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Nope. It pulls it just fine.

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I used mine for about a year. It felt good to decompress, but not enough to keep it. Times 2 on gradual inversion and just a few minutes at a time. Garage sales are a great place to pick one up, too. It’ll save ya from spending a hundred bucks or so. ... more »

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Fantastic!!! Hey would you put up the pictures from twmxrs last round please?

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Stay with the 250f dv934

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Yup. Especially when it is cold out. Target has good quality compression wear for half the cost of name brand. In the summer I wear compression socks as they help my legs to keep strength longer.

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About an hour on Friday and 2 hours on Sunday. Altiough, it’s still raining here, so I’m at zero for the last 2 weeks.

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I liked it. I’m glad ARay brought it up, as Matthes stokes that fire each time Bowers comes on the show. It was good to hear them address it ear to ear. Maybe Matthes will not bring it up anymore in future podcasts with Bowers.

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I’m amazed that there are still 14 factory bikes in the 450 main.

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Bonus each rider 200 bucks and an extra 100 to those who crashed.

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He got fourth.

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By the looks of their non-smile, they wish they were riding.

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Thumbs up Swap!

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Someone correct me, but I thought the problem was a nut incorrectly torqued on the water pump drive gear that came one off in the 2016 250 and 350. Transmissions were otherwise solid minus the loose metal destroying them. Aargh.