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Sorry if you don't understand my sarcastic note, but just watch this and try to answer : "Does 10000$ 2019 are worthy?"

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i spoke to my wallet as well, i bought a vintage bike with who i beat the shit out of many modern bikes, and for the price of your rear shock!

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3% of pre mix is better, but it depends of the fuel you use. I 've seen 2019 in a race this month, I haven't been impressed. Performance wise it must be closed to the 18's...

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it's translated from italian to english, that's not bad for a google translate! JGR has alreay the 250!

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From Valenti' site on the new RMZ 250 : Suzuki presents the RM-Z 250 2019 The Hamamatsu House spreads the first official photos of its new 250 from the cross. Its look is inspired by the breathtaking RM-Z450 and resumes traditional Suzuki styles, with ... more »

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there's no solid info right now... the 250 kxf 2019 has only new graphics (and it was supposed to have some updates) so just be patient and don't trust everything you read!

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For this decade, i verify what you said, it has been mostly end of june, sometimes beginning of july, and in 2011 and 2016 it was early in june. Often it has been the last japanese manufacturer to show their new line up. P.S : I follow suzuki's line ... more »

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Suzuki always released informations on their new models in July, i don't understand why some people are surprised by that!

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I was about to buy one DPR pipe for my 125 RM 2008 but i decide to wait a bit and then i ordered a DRP. (i didn't try it yet, but the fitting is not really good too). For your YZ 250 you can try to contact Doma racing (they also make cone pipe) or Damon's ... more »

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2019 TC/FC looks ugly, most of comments on instagram are hilarious, there's more dislikes rather than likes. KTM 2019 have side panels that don't cover the silencer

why they do the opposite on Husqvarna? even the 125 looks fat, it looks like ... more »
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stock pilot it's 27,5, your pilot is not good if you have only 0,5 at air screw. Check your reed valves and your valve too, does it really open? I had a 2001 too, but can't remenber the jetting i had.

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KTM mini 2019

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i have access to 2015 races via archive package that you pay 4,99 euros

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Hofer won the second moto of this race, so the new bike must be fast...

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Video of Mantova :

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It's not a 2003, it's a 2002 model, so even if the bike is clean, it's too expensive to me! As said by other members, better choose a 2005 to 2007 model, but with a complete rebuild of the gearbox, or your bike will cost you two times or 3 times the ... more »

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VHM are European and world champion, i don't question their dyno results. You have in the video what make the stock motor with hgs combo, its 41...bone Stock,it must be 40 (almost like previous motor). with a 58mm piston, it's difficult to have top end, ... more »

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I also heard that the 2018 SX 150 had some issue yes, jettings had to be changed completely. Regarding having good performance, VHM do some great parts for the 2016/2018 and you have the dyno numbers on youtube : (they run HGS combo) ... more »

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125 SX/TC 2016/18 are 37HP (not 39/40) it's 3HP more than the YZ... The GYTR is made for serious racer, the reliability is not the same as the stock YZ, you'll have to change often the piston etc The best way to upgrade the YZ is to put a good pipe (HGS; ... more »