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You can purchase an Extra Car pass for $100 which is good for the entire week. If you and 3 friends go (what I consider a carload) that's $25 per person for the entire week, or $5 per day if you're only there for racing.

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Definitely give these guys a visit! Scott once loaned me a 250XCF to use setting up and sweeping a Hare Scramble race I used to help put on and also donated $400 to the pro purse of the Zoo City GP race I promoted last year as well as another $100 worth ... more »

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That Garrett Edmisten guy is no slouch either...

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Tons of great info, and I do have a little bit to add... I'm typically out on the infield for every moto all week, so the heat info is spot on. I usually carry a rag, wet it with cold water a few times a day and wear it on the back of my neck. Old trick ... more »

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Fun fact: Rod Bush once crashed in the 1st turn of the Denver 100 and broke his wrist. He got up, finished and won. That Denver 100 trophy was one of the only trophies he kept in his office when he was President of KTM NA.

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I think I see myself...

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That's a small, but slightly strong storm passing over the track now... I'm at the office in Morgantown and it's raining here too but doesn't look like it's going to last very long.

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438 (kidding) Whoever wins should take the time to meet up with harescrambled if you never have. He's a super cool guy!

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Blackwater was around for 19 years, so that's not the case. Essentially, a preacher from Davis, WV wanted to do something special for his town to help the economy. He got in contact with Dave Coombs, and the two saw On Any Sunday together. After watching ... more »

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Shoot me an email at and I'll see what I can dig up for you.

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Here's a sweet photo that Aussie off-road legend and John's Can-Am teammate, Geoff Ballard, shared with me a while back...

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+1 on the Waterfront. I've been working for Racer Productions/MX Sports for around 6 years now, but only moved to Morgantown to work full-time about 2 years ago. Before that I stayed at the Waterfront a good bit. There's also a brand new La Quinta on ... more »

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Most of the GNCC pro guys use the usual Bib Mousse, but some use what you're thinking of which is Tire Balls. There's a new one now for quads and working their way into the bike side called Tire Blocks.

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Stuck in traffic on I-77 between Charlotte and Mooresville? Don't believe you. That never happens...

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TB, you need to give a GNCC a try sometime! We've actually got a race at the old Camp Coker and I want to try to use some of the old Moto track as part of the course. Only chance to ride Coker again!

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I still make time to do the occasional Enduro or local Hare Scramble but between setting up the tracks for 13 GNCCs, working 2-3 Pro Motocross events, 2 ATVMX events, Lorettas, and local races at High Point, I really don't have many opportunities to ... more »

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GNCCs are all on private property so no spark arrestor is needed. Some guys still cut their bars down but you don't need to shave off much. Stock bars will work fine too but it doesn't hurt to take a little bit off. We do occasionally throw in some tight ... more »

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A few years ago I got the bright idea that I wanted to recreate the white/mint green with the red check mark. I ended up designing a pretty close remake. I had a few spots that looked a little "eh" because that was the first kit I ever designed from

... more »
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Definitely don't under estimate the GNCC TV coverage. It's been far bigger than some of the speculation. 2016 will be GNCC’s 16th year of cable programming with this being 5th on NBCSN. Content wise there's highlight episodes for all 13 rounds of GNCC

... more »
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There's actually 1 or 2 street helmets that actually use the same pads. Not to kill the whole "buy local" thing but I've ordered a little bit from these guys... There's places where you ... more »