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I drove a couple hours to the indy sx last year. The roads were actually in pretty awesome shape considering the amount of snow. Interstate lanes were completely clear.

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I showed my boss and the guy in logistics. They agree....socks and sandals are not safe for work.

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The beer and pisser lines will be one for the ages.

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Think Reed shipped them that gear?

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Grabbing gear for A-1. Stamp it!

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I watched Dylan Ferrandis take the water truck lane and absolutely rail it and not slow down 2 laps in a row this last weekend. It was the corner right before the turn Tomac crashed in.

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According to the MX sim forums week after week you're constantly bitching about erode, the tracks and other riders ruining your race. Maybe you should give them more credit than you do.

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I dont think the guy who coins the phrase I eat ass is something I want my kids to strive to be like when they grow up. Funny to me but to a child it might be a bit much. I on the other hand enjoyed the gig when they were making actual content on the ... more »

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First des nations but have been to red bud many times. Camping in lot A with 6 or 7 friends. Will be splitting dozens of beers

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Blame? Seems like about where he should fall honestly. No shame in that finish.

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I'm guessing this isn't his first time riding a JGR bike. Remember the trip to stews to ride with Malcom? Not sure malcom had all the bells and whistles though.

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Yeah I was quite surprised how many 250 guys were jumping it in the race this year. More than usual.

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I'm guessing none of you watched the podium interviews on the NBC app.

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He mentioned he knows what he needs to do to get some more speed and that's practicing with some of these faster guys. Made it seem like this was already in the works. I'd guess Roczen would be about the only one that would make sense to practice with. ... more »

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He did.

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Looked like the girlfriends that were with them the whole time. Your attention to detail is on par with his clutch and shifting skills bro.

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I've seen many years where the turn was a 180 and hardly any 250f's hit it. To me this year more hit it than usual on a 250.