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Goes to show the schedule can be changed after all. I’ve been saying for years that both race series’ need to make their schedules more travel friendly. Cut down on the windshield time for team and especially financially strained Privateers. Moving on from here I’m thinking that team and racer budgets will be even tighter. Just for fun I reworked the SX for this year to see what it could look like (still keeping some of the historical continuity intact)...
Here’s the rough numbers on the current schedule:
1,819 mi. Anaheim to St Louis
1,819 mi. To Anaheim
354 mi. To Glendale
741 mi. To Oakland
490 mi. to San Diego
2448 mi. to Tampa
1127 mi. to Arlington
802mi. to Atlanta
433 mi. to Daytona
967 mi. to Indianapolis
287mi to Detroit
2363mi. to Seattle
1316 mi. to Denver
1972 mi. to Foxborough
2715 mi. to Las Vegas
421 mi. to Salt Lake City
20,074 mi. TOTAL Miles
Rough fuel costs w/Sprinter Van @14.5 MPG
X $2.50 per Gal = $3461.03

Revised travel friendly schedule:
354 mi. Anaheim To Glendale
741 mi. To Oakland
397mi. To Anaheim
95 mi. to San Diego
1341 mi. to Arlington
802 mi. to Atlanta
433 mi. to Daytona
140 mi. to Tampa
989 mi. to Indianapolis
287 mi to Detroit
705 mi. to Foxborough
1191 mi. to St Louis
851 mi. to Denver
525 mi. to Salt Lake City
830 mi. to Seattle
1115 mi. to Las Vegas

10,796 mi. TOTAL
w/Sprinter Van @14.5 MPG
X $2.50 per Gal = $1,861.38

That’s $1600 difference
...just sayin’

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