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I used idiot math, based on ratings from last years FS1 SX coverage ratings, multiplied by the NBC app fee, and came up with almost $20m in revenue.

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Only pic I have is Cudby's, so I dont wanna post his images without rights, but, I noticed Roczen had an all black visor on his custom painted lid, anyone know what gives?

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The fact you clowns are complaining about this feature, that runs for a couple minutes during a 4hr show, while there is no racing going a pathetic statement about the MX fan base.

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Savatgy choking

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Bout time, was starting to look like a strip club, not a high level sporting event

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Ridiculous they keep someone from making a living.

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Highlight of the night was tomacs last 6 laps, full on assasin, he did great last night

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Can't speak about the other brand you mentioned, but main difference on SE PRO and TLD/ADIDAS ULTRA on the pants are: • different waist enclosure on the Ultra....2 button slim snaps on Ultra vs the SE PRO with a classic moto ratchet, and the ULTRA has ... more »

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That shot needs way more HDR bro.

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Tarping A1 wont to sh1t, as the rain is expected to drop right around Main event time.

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"Influencing" what? Influencing change to the sport? Influencing an athletes performance? Influencing customers to buy products they endorse? Be more specific.

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I've got a Focus Jam2 for sale, all of the components, wheels, everything is brand new-never seen dirt, the frame/motor has about 150 miles on it (you can see in the head unit the exact hours, ill look...). Why new parts? I got this bike 6 months ago, ... more »

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Brayton won the 'overall' at Torino? How much do you put into this for SX predictions guys? Also, pretty impressive for RC in those pole times, I take it he did not race finals?

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The OG, still at it.... Troy Lee Designs

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One guess is, Kia is trying to transform their brand into cheapo pricepoint cars, into more mid level/premium. I'd also guess that a mid level event sponsorship costs them what a few billboards or main stream magazine spreads would cost.

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It was a great show, bravo Redbull media house. And more people watched this event, than probably all the supercross races combined. A lot more fun needed in SX, you guys have gone corporate-without getting corporate cheddar.

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Motocross needs more of this guy, loosen up you guys!

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TLD skully kit and lids are phenomenal. Troy and the gang did skeleton gear right; no stupid colors or bad cartoony hand drawings. Sickest kits of the year, if not decade.

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Weird to see how slow any progression with ebikes has been in motocross, I don't get it....why are moto people so resistant to innovation and progress?