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I'd have to call BS on that 813k number. Thats almost 3x what A1 was, which is often the highest rated broadcast. These numbers can be reported in a manner that creates some smoke and mirrors, would love to see the actual report.

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Who is broc tickle's trainer?

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And they did not follow last lap battles (Eli, Anderson) they focused on 6th place...terrible.

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For a helmet, just get an Troy Lee SE4, I have seen tremendous wrecks to the head of people wearing that helmet and they are not vegetables-would be in another helmet.

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I'd go look at their facebook page, but I just deleted there more info than just their website? I can't wait for the day when we go back to company/brand/tracks websites are rich with info and updates, not friggin facebook updates!

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Interesting...I understand bans and the like in the mountain bike realm (an ebike is a motorized vehicle) but in motorsports racing, and in an "OPEN" class, I don't get why they would not be allowed. Are the big 5 brands playing with electric motorcycles, ... more »

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Good food, water, exercise...its not that hard.

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Sold out stadiums..

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Professional communicator and reporter, surprising on this show.

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Misogyny and misspelling-just what I expected here. Nice work buddy.

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SX needs way more social media reports at the midway point, that is must see TV.

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Oops, just made another thread, missed this...but holy crap it looks dead.

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Seats looked empty, but, about lap 5 of the main event-it seriously looked like 20% fill rate.....dang.

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Most awful outfit of the year, tonight. Barf.

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The most annoying thing about supercross, and unsafe...the lappers. Pull them off.

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Just bought a Mercedes Metris (mini sprinter) after test driving the connect and the regular transit, the Metris drove like a champ, tons of room but is a great daily driver unlike the Sprinter.

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Sad an athlete can make some cash.

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why does webb tuck his ears into his hat?

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This has been todays lesson in motocross; Stay in School kids