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Levo's currently are spec'd as 275+, but you can put a 29er in them. No 26" levo's. Robert made a proto moto style swingarm on this levo....project bike as you can tell.

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Was gonna break this down for everyone, but your post nailed it. Nice one.

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Will #MakeupToMud be back in 2019? Because I am sure women love the patronizing term of Makeup to Mud. Jesus christ, change the f-ing name

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"His girlfriend Matiel"....always with knowing the girlfriends name, we get it, you hang with em brah. Also, why is he incessantly telling us about all the other "PRO SPORT" guys are "Probably at home watching monster energy supercross, they love it", ... more »

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Thanks for the perspectives from real owners/riders, not hypotheticals. Excited to see more of these.

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Levo in disguise

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You mean tickets that were affordable and REAL sold out stadiums? (all the way to the nosebleeds too).

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But those TV commentators say "sold out crowd" every damn show! lol #confirmationBias

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Live in the "what if" world much?

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If Anderson wins the title, it will be legit and earned, not a fluke, not an asterisk....the dude is crazy talented, driven, smart and probably the best guy to watch ride a motorcycle.

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It is great they test for performance enhancing drugs in SX, you moto guys are funny with the whole "get out of here with testing, leave us alone".....why are you so different than any other sport? Play by the rules, its a simple philosophy.

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I remember my days as a team manager in MTB racing, and often times a penalty is called out from another team manager-rarely the rule makers. my experience, blame a TM at the competition, it's their job to bring this shit up.

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I'd have to call BS on that 813k number. Thats almost 3x what A1 was, which is often the highest rated broadcast. These numbers can be reported in a manner that creates some smoke and mirrors, would love to see the actual report.

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Who is broc tickle's trainer?

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And they did not follow last lap battles (Eli, Anderson) they focused on 6th place...terrible.

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For a helmet, just get an Troy Lee SE4, I have seen tremendous wrecks to the head of people wearing that helmet and they are not vegetables-would be in another helmet.

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I'd go look at their facebook page, but I just deleted there more info than just their website? I can't wait for the day when we go back to company/brand/tracks websites are rich with info and updates, not friggin facebook updates!

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Interesting...I understand bans and the like in the mountain bike realm (an ebike is a motorized vehicle) but in motorsports racing, and in an "OPEN" class, I don't get why they would not be allowed. Are the big 5 brands playing with electric motorcycles, ... more »

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Good food, water, exercise...its not that hard.