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Which is actually offensive. You can't even spell a guy's name whom you are mentioning in a post about him being a rough rider.

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It looks a lot like the Sahara desert to me.

Added reply in a thread Malcolm Smith , if not the GOAT then what ? 8/5/2014 3:10 PM

He is the RAM. Ride Anything Master. His exploits and Bruce Brown's narrative made me a rider for life.

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That is too bad. Prayers for a complete recovery and back next year.

Added reply in a thread RV to MXGP might mean another USGP 8/2/2014 12:07 PM

If Guy clips them there has to be a point where they just don't get to come back. As in enough is enough. Guy has been very forgiving with some of these people but they push too far.

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Sorry to hear of your mothers health problem Steve. We hope everything is okay after the surgery.

Added reply in a thread More Bad News for JS7 7/30/2014 10:28 AM

Unfortunately you are probably right. Not a problem though since I know I am not a racist and I don't hate JS, just the poor decisions he makes.

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fI often wonder how our country got into all the trouble it currently finds itself in. Then I come here and understand. Half of the population runs around like sheep and makes excuses for poor judgement and stupidity.

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I got a pair of 100% and they fit over my glasses just fine. Before that I wore JT goggles but I don't see any for sale anywhere, must of quit making them?

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Yikes! That one near the end where the guy hits the car broadside is bad.

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I sat on a Beta 450RR last week and it felt just great. I could easily put both feet on the ground. Then I sat on a RMZ 450. I could only touch on foot to the ground and it was a major effort to throw a leg over it. I am 5'10. It seems a lot higher than ... more »

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I typed something about dental issues the other day. All I get now is advertisements for toothpaste and dental floss.

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I think Baggett still has some problems with his eye injury and that may be some of the reason for his inconsistency right now. I would think Washougal would be a tough track to ride with an ongoing vision problem.

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It appears that RV is going to retire. He has put himself in position (if all we read is true) by releasing Baker, selling his Florida property, and making a few acerbic comments about how SX MX is just a job. I think it will be easy for him to walk ... more »

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Cannot just name one. A few years ago Rick Johnson Jeff Ward David Bailey Malcom Smith Roger DeCoster These days Andrew Short Eli Tomac Ryan Dungey Jeremy Martin

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Crusher 773's comments are in line with what my insurance agent explained about coverage on my bike. No coverage for competition, including closed course practicing. People should also check the fine print of their health insurance policy's also. Many ... more »

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I thought, after the first 450 moto, that Eli probably caused Roczen a great deal of mental anguish the way he ran him down and passed him. No one has done that to Ken that way this year. When Dungey sneaked by Roczen at Glen Helen it was just a quick ... more »

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1 Dungey 1-1 2 Roczen 3-2 3 Tomac 2-3 4 Canard 4-4 5 Short 6-5

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I am so old it showed me a picture of three long haired guys beating on a log with sticks while they chanted.

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Dubach rode a 360 WR at the Greeley Colorado Supercross. He and a few other guys like Charlie Bogard and a young Jeff Emig showed up there once in awhile. Anyway Dubach was there on the 360 and I talked with him a little bit about it. This had to be ... more »