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Can anyone please shed some light on his plans for 2012? I had heard that he was linked to the new McGrath team, but on RX, they seem to think it is a no go. I wonder if he will be looking toward a Merge Honda again. Thanks for any help.

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Wrecked on hard pack. Used electrical tape and kept riding then off to the hospital. Shattered bone had to be grinded down in the end to put back together. Sweet [LINK TO IMAGE][/img]

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I spoke to an arenacrosser last week and he mentioned Tyler having a post race incident that led to forfeiture of points for the race.

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Karl with a K! Long time eh? Hope all is well!

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I thought on Inside Moto he stated it was mechanical on the new 450, thus he selected the 350.

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[LINK TO IMAGE][LINK TO IMAGE] I was told absolutely no weight for 3 months. Then walking boot for 3 months. All hardware is still in place. It can get sore at times, but at least I can walk. BTW, emergency room doc in Austin that I never ... more »

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[LINK TO IMAGE][LINK TO IMAGE][/img [LINK TO IMAGE][/img] I feel your pain, brother. The photo in avatar was from the Dallas SX shortly after my wreck. Handicapped parking and a hoveround!

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What???????????? They only gave us one!!!!!!!!!!!!! This wont do at all!!!!!!!

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I wasn't feeling well last night. But, how could I ever forget the one and only Sir Lord Austin Squires.

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Kyle Cunningham, Blake Wharton, Matt LeMoine, Kyle Regal Not raised, but residing; Andrew Short, Josh Demuth Four or five am boys finishing top 3 at Lorettas Top two spots at Lorettas in girls class-Texans Not alot compared to Cali, but we have a great ... more »

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Texas by far. I live in Arlington (DFW) and last count there was 21 tracks within 2 hours of my house. Everything from old school to supercross and the Freestone National track. Everyone should be so fortunate.

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I really like to hear from mom.

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Thanks for digging this up, good read. I dont recall the guys name, but there is a dude around the DFW area that has been bs'ing anyone who will listen. I think he got a chick to buy a bike and then ran off and sold it, leaving her on the hook for the ... more »

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We adopted a Boxer during supercross last year. My racer son (7 yo) named him............. BamBam. It also compliments the other boxer named Wilma.

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I always noticed you were a fellow Texan, but questioned alot of your liberal slanted comments. Then I looked more closely and saw that you claim the singlemost liberal city in Texas as home, no wonder. How is that hope and change working out for you? ... more »

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I am glad that it is over. I think the punishment is appropriate. Putting JS7 in jail serves no purpose. He can do more good in the community. The sentence is a reflection of the offense charged and has nothing to do with him being "rich". We should ... more »

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I guess it really doesn't matter where Regal ends up, since he is not is signed by a "Top 5". Your probably right anyway.

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I started my son on a Mini Adventure, then to the SX Jr. and now he is on a SX Sr. as well as a KX65. When it is time to shift and clutch, they get it quick. I dont know your intentions, but starting at 6, I would go with the Jr. The Sr. is an advanced ... more »

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I like the avatar!