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Regal is also show on the pre entry list for the Arlington SX this weekend.

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I had an early 80s model xr 80 that had the air intake under the side panel. Bike would start and idle up then die. My father took it completely apart and could not find the problem. After checking sparkplug, carb, points and all, he finally took off ... more »

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JT was IT when I was a kid. I think it represents the roots of motocross. I want to share the history of American motocross with my 7 yo son who now races. Having JT on hand would help make the connection with the past.

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Here is my daughter trying to load the track cart with some help. The young boxer is BamBam and the older female is Wilma with bulldog Brandi also along [LINK TO IMAGE][/img] Here are the four beggars, the Dobi is Dodger my security/alarm system ... more »

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Finally, background music I like. Great Video!

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I had Rattray in the 250, but unfortunately he got hurt. Rest assure, his health is far more important that my points. Get well.

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I don't comment very often, but I think Regal would make a fine choice. Use the time to get used to the team/bike and look forward to outdoors. Ultimately, I look forward to Canards return.

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Tony Alessi.

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What is your deal SMF? What are some kind of checkered flagger from the past. Why such a pessimist? Put the beer down and pay attention. JK

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My first number was 417 racing TCCRA and it was also my call sign then. It changed when I got bumped up and began using 17 for Robbie Reynard. My daughter began racing in 06 and chose 7 for JS7. When my son began racing, he was given 27 to keep it in ... more »

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We were watching the race and when the logo showed up, someone mentioned how good the civic looked in the rythm sections. Odd, bring back the simply HONDA or the wings!!

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It is reported he injured his leg and will make his debut next week. Unknown support/bike.

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My son and Top Jimmy at Swan, TX Pro Challenge. Oh yeah, my son is smitten with [LINK TO IMAGE][/img]

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I noticed that L&Mc's bike was absent from the photos. Maybe they are waiting on new graphics after reading Vital.

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Nice team shirts.

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Maybe he was thinking about a sled landing on him after 400' of flight?

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Peelouts thread about Meg and her new tattoo. Best one all year, Bro!!

Added reply in a thread The Dark Horse of the 450 Class will be 12/29/2011 2:48 PM

Tommy Hahn, doing it his own way.

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Who is in the photo with Grant?

Added reply in a thread Favorite Privateer! 12/27/2011 12:15 PM

Duh, Tommy Hahn. He is going to be the privateer of the year in 2012!