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RacerX stated that an announcement regarding the team would be made at 10:00 am. Does anyone have or know what was provided?

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I was parked next to kyle all weekend. I believe he had significant clutch issues on his bike. He was barely able to piece together a bike in the second moto. He raced a 250f today. He went down in the first turn and picked up last. He made it up to ... more »

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Thanks alot for that. I had seen a scheduling on Fuel at 4 and thought it was second motos. Thanks again.

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I broke the navicular in my left wrist after being landed on. After the ER DR. failed to see the break, a so-so doc tried giving it time and it did not heal. I went to a hand specialist who immediately did surgery. They opened up my arm and took a piece ... more »

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Who are the guys represented on Top Jimmys helmet?

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That baggage (Dungey) won Suzuki four (Lites SX, Lite MX, SX, and MX) championships. He is butt hurt. I have never read an interview with him prior to today and one was one too many.

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Is this Beau? I remember Cooper from Village Creek in the 90s. I like him so much I now have two boxers. Female named Wilma (Flintstones) and a new male named Bam-Bam, (Barcia,,duh). [LINK TO IMAGE]

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Best twitter feed?

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[LINK TO IMAGE] Three months no walking or weight. Pic in avatar was taken couple months later at Dallas SX. Ankle still swells, but I can still ride.

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Read a tweet from RC about being in Cali and working on big things. The interview referred to "having him back in the sport". The thought just crossed my mind when reading each in their own context. Larry, MC and RC is a pretty talented line up. I guess ... more »

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I really liked my 96 RM 250 even with conventional forks. Took some time after first child and returned on a 06 CRF 450. I have since returned to a 01 CR 250. Not alot of time on the bike yet, but it is inherently more fun than the 06.

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My son is transitioning onto a 65. After quitting for a while, I got back on a bike to ride with him. Here are photos of myself and my daughter when she began and my son and I when he started. I hope he will always remember these times ... more »

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Stack Bennett, but I am partial.

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Travis is making his roundy round debut tomorrow at Bristol. Just FYI

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I would suspect that it is a lot more than you may think. I am personally redoing a 01 CR 250, but did not feel the need to post. I spent two days at a local track this week and I commented to a friend about the large number of 2t at the facility. It ... more »

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[LINK TO IMAGE][LINK TO IMAGE][/img] My first bike at about age six. My son's first bike at age 3.

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The CRF450 I traded was in great condition. I took a hit financially, but it was worth it to get what I wanted. The CR250 just needs good cleaning and face lift. I cannot wait to finish it and go brraaaaap.

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Blatantly stolen from the other thread, I picked up an 01 CR250 yesterday and will be bringing it back from the dead. I would like to seem some suggestions for replica kits. Thanks.

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I traded a 06 CRF450 straight up for a 01 CR250 yesterday. It needs some work and TLC, but I am older and want to return to the time I had the most fun riding a bike. I will post before and after pics when completed.