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I just checked and here in Dallas Ft. Worth, ATT UVerse has FOX 2 in high def.

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I have a nine year son and I got to spend the entire day riding at the mx track with him. These times are ones that I will never forget.

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To be able to ride today and work tomorrow. Lots of missed work due to mx injuries. In fact, it hurt my career in my profession. On the mend now from another accident, but cannot wait to ride again.

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Here in Ft. Worth with ATT Uverse, Speed was not HD and it sucked. The new Fox2 is HD. Having some riding buddies over to watch after a day at the track.

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The finals will now field 22 riders.

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According to my AMA magazine I received today, 450 SX will bring back heats and semifinals to the racing.

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boy or girl?

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I started my son on a KTM mini with training wheels at 3. By 3.5 he was racing. He was so small that he had to circle the camp after a race so someone could catch him. He is now 9 after having moved through the sx jr and sx sr. I recently got another

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Great video. I picked up a 2003 Honda CR250 and will be racing Burleson this weekend.

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Is this the original seven11? The Ironman. If so, I still have a pair of AStar Tech 7 boots that I bought from you at Swan Pro Challenge in 06-07. Good luck to you.

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Ok, with a name like Farrah, how many of you googled her for a pic? I did.

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Ok Mercedes, move it along so we can get Diana (sp) Dahlgren out here.

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someone tweet in and tell ralph and co to turn up the microphones. I cannot hear at all over the engine noise. thanks.

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People keep saying that Barcia and Canard are doing ok on the 2013. Both have fallen back to 4-6 place riders since the opening round. I was watching Tomac closely on the 450 and did not seem to push it or appear as comfortable as he did on the 250. ... more »

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Stack's 65
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I had minibike growing up, but parents would not let me race. After college and starting a career, I bought a bike in 92 and rode/raced almost every weekend. Couple broken bones, no big deal. I quit in 2000 with the birth of first child. Picked up a ... more »

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My 8 yo son received new A-star tech 6 boots from santa.

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Hey, Karl. I came out of retirement for the Turkey bowl at VCMX on a borrowed bike. Good first moto, crashed in second moto pushing it. Some things never change.

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A Vets Unite race at the legendary Shady Grove in Dallas. Happened early on. I just cut the finger off the glove and wrapped it with electrical tape. Couple more hours of riding and then off to get fixed.

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You mean something like this? My sons 65.