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Thanks for posting this. I wouldn't have seen it and I was happy to be able to do anything possible for that kid!

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Barcia had really good results this year. In a perfect world, he'd be reunited with Kehoe at Honda/HRC.

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Sometimes the inch size equivalent will be slightly larger, allowing more thread without drilling and tapping. Maybe get a 5/16 tap and see if that will cut more thread material, and just run one 5/16 bolt until you get new clamps.

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Look at the spark plug. If the oil is burning in the combustion chamber the spark plug will show you. If the plug is clean with no burnt oil residue the top end might be okay. Any crusty black soot on the plug is your take it back to the dealer moment. ... more »

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All us 50-year-olds remember DMC made works 80cc rockets. Those images formed what we realized was possible. His work was very instrumental for MX bike design progression. RIP

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I tune these bikes every day. Always use a powerful fan blowing into the radiators, ALWAYS! Do not do heat cycles. Never let the bike idle on the stand for more than a minute. Stop cooking your engine, never idle long periods without air going through ... more »

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These tracks will need to have a website where you can pre-pay for a time slot to ride. Imagine driving 1-2 hours and seeing 50 people in line. If I was not made to leave I might stay all day because I've seen that my sport can be taken away at any moment. ... more »

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I asked insiders about the situation. "They sold the building and all the franchises" The owner is walking away with big money and no hassles. The building was an exit strategy for the owner, I heard she made out huge. Del Amo was wanting the franchises ... more »

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I stopped listening because none of the people involved were important. In the grand scheme of life, the racers and moto journalists have zero importance. We need a Jim Rome in moto.

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If no toys have been produced with number 92 changing to 9 is a good deal. Those toys pay.

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What is going on!??? I can not believe what I have been hearing and reading. In 1981 we were expected to get our ass handed to us, stop thinking you know the future. Stanton and Larocco are giving you the bird. If they beat us here we should open our ... more »

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I've been waiting for the next product everyone will want. This might be the winner. Unbreakable levers Holeshot device Graphic guards

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Time to mix it up Webb Anderson Roczen J. Cooper with the angry win Dylan AC

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Thank you all for sharing your imagination and making some very cool stuff. I especially like the fork lugs. Here are a couple more things that printed up. This is a test fit prototype, it's cut from Delrin.

... more »
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Valves bent when the sticky fuel made the valve stick down. The oil ring is probably stuck in the ring land with gummy residue? The valve seal was replaced? The extra crankcase pressure is interesting, cracked ... more »

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Green 250 or green 450? I noticed you didn't mention what class, this leads me to believe he is staying 250? Can he stay and defend points wise? If AC stays 250 all the other teams can stay the same, he is the one that can boot Savagty or Seely.

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My guess is the OP is around 12 years old and had never raced?

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Chipped reed? Maybe check the reeds for cracks.