2020 Husqvarna FX 350

2020 Husqvarna  FX 350
2020 Husqvarna  FX 350 2020 Husqvarna  FX 350 2020 Husqvarna  FX 350 2020 Husqvarna  FX 350 2020 Husqvarna  FX 350 2020 Husqvarna  FX 350 2020 Husqvarna  FX 350 2020 Husqvarna  FX 350
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General Info Additional Info
Model Year 2020
Brand Husqvarna
Model Other
Engine Size 350
Engine Type 4-Stroke
Parts Brand Model Additional info
Graphics Other
Plastic Acerbis
Handlebar Renthal Luxon R-works 36 bar mount Luxon R-works 36 bar mount
Grips ODI Novik grip doughnuts Novik grip doughnuts
Clutch Lever ARC SLF MOTO CF cap SLF MOTO CF cap
Brake Lever ARC SLF MOTO CF cap SLF MOTO CF cap
Seat Guts
Footpegs Other Titanium Titanium
Shifter Hammerhead
Exhaust Pro Circuit
Clutch Rekluse
Ignition Other
Air Filter Twin Air
Air Intake Other
Triple Clamps Other
Fork Kayaba Merge racing RSS, Zeta fork caps, zeta free piston Merge racing RSS, Zeta fork caps, zeta free piston
Rear Shock WP
Suspension Mods MX-Tech Pro-circuit full linkage and CSR racing rear spring Pro-circuit full linkage and CSR racing rear spring
Tires Dunlop
Rims D.I.D
Sprockets Renthal
Chain Other
Brakes Other Pro lite in the rear Pro lite in the rear
Brake Rotors Moto Stuff Pro lite Pro lite
Additional Info 1. Acerbis white flag hand guards 2. Acerbis skid plate 3. Acerbis White lower side number plates 4. Acerbis Vented side plate 5. Acerbis white KTM front number plate/also fresh Husky 6. Acerbis white KTM front fender 7. Novik grip doughnuts 8. CV4 2.0 radiator cap 9. Clean speed Brake lever tip replacement 10. Radiator fan 11. Acerbis white radiator louvers 12. Emig grips 13. Titanium bolts/bits: 181 if I counted correctly Front brake disk (6), front rim lock, fork guards (6), FI light, front number plate, (4) front fender, triple clamps (8), center bolt on triple clamps, clutch lever, brake lever, throttle tube (2), shift lever, exhaust (2), seat, rear rim lock, rear disk (6), axle adjustment bolts/nuts (4), handle bar bolts (4), chain guide (2), mud flap bolts (2), under seat shroud bolts (2), front sprocket bolt, fork guard brake line guide bolts (2), brake lever tip bolts (2), exhaust mid bolt,shock bolts (2), Titanium Rear Brake pedal bolt and nut (2), Titanium Front Axle and Steering Stem Cap Set (2), Titanium Engine Fastener Kit (39 pieces), oil cap, radiator guards (8 total), rear sprocket/6 locking rear nuts (12), (2) titanium foot peg pins, rear fender (3), motor mounts from motostuff (2), (2) screws that attach rear fender to subframe, (4)screws under seat that attach shrouds to gas tank, brake line holder screw behind front plate, (4) titanium screws for the clutch and brake reservoirs, (6) engine head mounts, (2)frame guards, (2) under fender subframe, (2) lower subframe, (1) chain guide, (2) linkage/swing arm, (2) brake banjo bolts, CRF Rear axle nut, (2) rim lock main bolt, rear brake piston, rear brake master cylinder (2), magnetic oil plug, kickstand foot bolt, (2) kick stand bolts, (5) behind shifter, (3) zeta case saver (3) for zeta case saver, (5) behind shift lever, (2) kick stand, subframe bolt under the seat, front axle, rear axle 14. Ktech fork inserts 15. Motovate racing fork revlave and Ktech spring 16. CSR racing rear shock spring 17. Pro Circuit full linkage 18. 13 tooth sprocket 19. No toil 2 stroke air filter cage 1. ARC memlon brake lever 20. ARC memlon clutch lever 21. Motostuff 280 mm front disk 22. Aluminum front brake caliper bolts 23. Motostuff lite rear disk 24. Rekluse clutch slave cylinder 25. Showa rear shock valve instead of RT gold valve 26. Motovate racing rear shock re valve 27. Nihilo black case saver 28. Pro peg titanium foot pegs 29. Nihilo rear axle nut 30. P3 CARBON IGNITION WIRE COVER 31. Neken SFS top triple clamp 32. Hinson Bullet proof clutch cover 33. Luxon R works 36 fat bar mount 34. Renthal R works 36 fat handle bar 35. Boyeseen black supercooler water pump 36. Guts Tall seat 37. Black dirt tricks front counter sprocket 38. Racetech rear shock bladder kit in black 39. Ride engineering CRF axle and axle block kit 40. SLF moto carbon fiber magura clutch and brake top caps 41. Blais Ecu reflash 42. TM design chain guide 43. Renthal 51 tooth rear sprocket 44. Primary drive Gold z-chain 45. Technical touch KYB fork kit 46. Hammerhead +10mm shift lever 47. TM Design chain slider 48. Free flo gas cap hose 49. Full pro circuit T-6 exhaust 50. Warp9 pro rim locks 51. BikeGraphix numbers 52. Guts white seat cover 53. CMT COMPOSTI Carbon fiber engine mounts 54. Warp9 black kick stand 55. Rekluse torqdrive clutch pack 56. Tokyo Mods ECU reflash 57. Guts Husqvarna blue seat cover 58. Kreft moto Kashima rear shock body 59. Mx-tech kashima rear shock reservoir 60. Polisport Husky blue frame guards 61. Xtrig pre load adjuster 62. Zeta case saver 63. Luxon billet oil filter cover 64. Zeta fork caps 65. Zeta KYB free piston 66. Polisport Husky blue swing arm guards 67. Warp9 titanium front axle 68. Merge racing ICS springs 69. P3 carbon mud flap 70. Racetech titanium CRF rear axle 71. Pro taper lock ons
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