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Reply to Cr500Af 10/17/2017 10:21 AM

Yeah I landed iff jump and felt front end flex away then come back then a,loud rattle. I pulled off and saw that and called it a day. Next one were doing it should be strong as hell I'll post pics when done. This mean machine will ride again soon!

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Didn't expect that on my second ride on bike so back to the drawing board new frame new fabricator got all the faith in him going to hold this time. ... more »
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Beautiful bike my friend and I agree I kinda built this one as garage art lol but next b one I build which will be a 400 I'm goibg to go all out and make a race ready one. Where did you get alot of the aftermarket stuff from

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Another funny story wjen building this bike is seeing how reliable the motor was on these bikes. My dad had a motor that was sitting in a crate since the 70s in the shed pretty much brand new and we figured when we decided to build it that the motor

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I hear you I grew up racing pro with all the new generation bikes but akways had respect for these old bikes. I always heard story's from my dad who actually use to race pro for cz back in the 70s out in cali and finally once my career was over we built ... more »

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The shocks are konies and yeah the gold rims were last min I had a set of really clean and straight ackron rims but changed them out. If anyone in interested maybe be willing to part with them I will post pics if anyone wants I know they are hard to ... more »

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Thanks brother yeah I love the way it turned out

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Alot of the stuff I got on this bike was from a guy out of the Riverside area by the name of Charlie Richardson I think his company's called CR racing. There's another guy that sells all CZ stuff called burdis that you can get a lot of that stuff from ... more »

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Looks amazing good job on it I have a 01 that I'm going to be restoring here soon what exact ohlins fork/ shock you go with? I just got done building this beast

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Thank you guys and no I got all new spokes and everthing. They were hammered had to cut them all out and it took awhile but I eventually found a old set of mag hubs that were pretty good shape. I actually have the original set of Akron rims which came ... more »

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I have never rode the yz or cr for those years but the cz is a blast to ride

New thread 72 cz250 9/7/2017 10:17 AM

This is my first vintage bike build finished up not to long ago wanted to get ur guys thoughts on

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Built one few years ago your goibg to love it keep the updates coming
Reply to 1994 CR500 restoration 9/1/2017 9:48 PM

That will look good with graphics and look your going for I would look into a gold color like mine will look really good.

Reply to 1994 CR500 restoration 9/1/2017 9:27 PM

No they are actually off one of my old race bikes from years ago. They were on a 2008 crf450 they are A-Kit 52mm showa front forks. Had to try few differnt stems to make it work in the frame but finally got it to sit right in the head set.

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Just got done restoring my 2001 cr500 they are so much fun to do please keep posting progress on urs ... more »