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Reply to Look up heart in the dictionary 3/11/2017 10:16 PM

There is not a picture of Cole next to it that's for sure.

Reply to Anderson DQ? 1/21/2017 8:19 PM

looks like i was correct he is out

Reply to Anderson DQ? 1/21/2017 8:17 PM

according to the rule book he should he not be racing but its the ama and they only enforce rules when they want.

New thread Anderson DQ? 1/21/2017 7:47 PM

With the AMA no hands on policy is anderson going to be DQ?

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Reply to New 2015 kawy 450, value? 1/20/2017 9:01 AM

In Oregon they were going for 6 grand till they ran out the other month.

Reply to RaceTech Air to Spring Conversion? 1/10/2017 11:16 AM

Have it on my 2017 kx450. Get that and the valving done and you are set, way better front end felling and you dont have to mess with all the air combinations all the time.

Reply to Loretta Lynn's qualifiers are up 12/8/2016 11:01 AM

You guys do know that Swan who won last year is still a pro and trying to qualify for nationals. So tell me how is this an amateur class when you have a guy with his pro license winning the race. If you are going to let pros race just don't call it an ... more »

Reply to Loretta Lynn's qualifiers are up 12/7/2016 2:31 PM

Or how a current pro can race and win the class even though its supposed to be an amateur race like last year.

Reply to Unchained: The Untold Story of FMX 10/7/2016 8:17 AM

Any other good movies on Netflix for moto besides the Moto series?

Reply to Update on Jimmy Albertsons team 6/18/2016 3:35 PM

jimmy just got beat by a guy on a 125 so you cant say because you are down on power.

Reply to 125 wide open video 4/15/2016 12:12 PM

Maybe its the frame rate but something is off with the video. Not saying weeck isnt fast as he is extremely talented and hauls but something is wrong with the video.

Reply to 125 wide open video 4/15/2016 11:41 AM

For the people who dont think it speed up just look at these two videos which are from the 450 pro class.

Reply to Millennium technologies 1/21/2016 9:24 AM

Did you send in your piston along with your cylinder so they could match it or did you just tell them what dimension or bore you wanted the cylinder to be?

Reply to Still Well Performance Suspension 11/17/2015 3:29 PM

Alan is a good guy and knows his stuff. He mainly does offroad but the people I know who have used his motocross setups are happy also. I don't think you can go wrong with him.

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Reply to LL regional contingency payout xtrm 7/9/2015 6:24 PM

To get paid mx sports or washougal needs to send the official results to xtrm.Com and neither seems to be doing this.

New thread LL regional contingency payout xtrm 7/9/2015 11:27 AM

Does anyone now what promoter you need to use to get your contingency paid out for the Loretta Lynn regional qualifiers via XTRM? I did the washougal regional and have tried washougal as the promoter and mx sports but neither have approved results.

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Any archive of this on the web?

New thread Sounds like everyone should ride Hondas 3/25/2015 8:53 AM

With all the given safety talk over the past few days it sounds like more people should support Honda. Since 09 they have made a decision to mellow out the power of the 450 and make it more rider friendly. In return for doing this magazines like motocross ... more »

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Reply to Since there are so many sandy clams around here 9/30/2014 11:21 AM

Cool video of that race. My buddy showed up on a street legal exc and won the AA class headlight and all.