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Reply to Insane smash and grab 10/15/2021 10:16 AM

That guy played too much GTA for sure

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Reply to MXoN Mantova: Sunday bench racing 9/28/2021 5:39 AM

Last man standing!

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Reply to Jetts HRC contract expiration? 6/26/2021 2:23 AM

Guys like Ken Roczen, Jett Lawrence, Adam Cianciarulo remind me a little bit of the McGrath/Pastrana era. Those guys brought SX into the mainstream media and wrote stories outside the SX Micro-Cosmos. I see great potential for the new generation riders ... more »

Reply to Jetts HRC contract expiration? 6/25/2021 1:17 AM

I didn't say I agree with it. But things are obviously changing...

Reply to Jetts HRC contract expiration? 6/25/2021 12:41 AM

He's proving himself every day by being one of the most entertaining and fastest guys out there. His personality and his social media game is what makes him very precious for sponsors, more than anybody else, even without a title under his belt.

Reply to 450 MX predictions 5/31/2021 4:07 AM

Nothing wrong in putting more focus on riding technique rather than putting all effort into endurance. Things change. Training methods progress. But in the end the overall balance must be right for the rider.

Reply to 450 MX predictions 5/24/2021 3:09 AM

French riders always had the tendency to make up their lack of fitness with technique

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Reply to Kevin moranz 3/20/2021 5:22 AM

He's a smart guy and I mean not only race IQ wise. Great mindset, hard worker (physical and mental - he's also putting every free minute into his online studies), down to earth and it was a blast to have him over here in Germany! Hopefully we can get

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Reply to Pumped for Max but no interview?? 8/24/2020 4:44 AM

Sorry but Will her part is useless.... Especially when You hear only bikes and she is desperately trying to top that noise with her disturbing squeaky voice...

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Reply to Monster Energy Supercross 3 (Game) 3/26/2020 1:10 AM

and one for PS4 please haha here in Germany the majority plays on PS4. This weekend we have the first tournament where You can also win some prices. could be fun!


Reply to More SX Cancellations 3/16/2020 10:29 AM

Well looks like You'll have to hook up our team with delicious drinks at the next ADAC SX.

And I say that with full positive hope, that the economy will recover in time, so that we'll be able to run those ADAC SX races this year...... more »

Reply to 2020 SX Season Officially Postponed 3/14/2020 2:17 AM

There is no chance Disney and Cruise Ships are up and running by April 1. Just think about the incubation time of 14days.... All the proper tests are just being implemented in the US. More shit is yet to come. How about a little bet. If You are right

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Reply to NBC Gold Refund? 3/13/2020 9:35 AM

Are You guys seriously ??? The world has way bigger problems right now.. And is this the way You support the industry in hard times ??? No wonder teams are folding and running out of money if You all act like that!!! ridiculous...

Reply to Chad Reed hinting season is over 3/13/2020 7:46 AM

Better dust off your gaming consoles - update Your Netflix and Amazon Prime subscriptions and chill... We might be f**#d for a while....

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Reply to Friese is dangerous. 1/14/2020 8:20 AM

If he is in front of You, You're doing something wrong. Not him. It's that simple.

Reply to Where were the Monster Girls? 1/8/2019 8:58 AM

Put the crack pipes down guys. If You really think that Monster/Number Girls are the reason this sport is not growing or a limiting factor sign up for a Mormon Chess Club.... ridiculous.... The girls are a 'nice to have' marketing tool for brands not

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Reply to The Whiskey Throttle show 1/6/2019 3:51 AM

Is the Show online already ? it's still not popping up on their Youtube channel... Plus what about thePulp MX RacerX pre Anaheim1 Show ?? Can't find that one either ....

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Reply to Interesting comment from Tomac 10/16/2018 1:51 AM

love this haha ... more »

Reply to Let Tomac Bye Gate 10/15/2018 2:12 PM

If our Sport is at the point where it needs random fans at the races who have the chance to win 1Million Dollar to make things more interesting on TV in order to get new people into our Sport - then we have even bigger problems than I could ever imagine!! ... more »

Reply to Interesting comment from Tomac 10/15/2018 12:55 PM

This scene comes to my mind everytime I see a Herlings/Tomac MXGP/AMA Europe/USA debate here