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I am tired of everybody saying nowadays "I just wanna go out and have some fun.." damn.... where are the guys that wanna go out and kick some serious AZZ!!!!!!!!???????

Added reply in a thread A Day In The Life of Nico Izzi Video 3/12/2009 7:11 AM

and You are probably one of those guys who will believe and buy every product after watching a 20min. video ay!???

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they should have their own races! you don't see female players mixing it up in the men's NBA league! or soccer or tennis or football or any other physical sport... let them have their own races... also things like sending some chicks to the MXoN on an ... more »

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so who fukkin cares!"? rapists and murders have 'probably' parents too...

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I say give him 3more bottles! maybe he will pass out

Added reply in a thread all things being equal do you think 3/7/2009 4:18 PM

in the interview You are referring to he was contradicting himself somehow... confused me too heh

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hey You may be lucky with that one. after my mom saw me struggling for so many years she is pretty easy to impress!!!!

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no mechanic can live and work for 200years to make it even!

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I agree on the payout thing. But I also disagree with some people bashing the promoters... You people don't even realize in which situation a promoter is. You think it's all cool and he is making the big bucks. but You forget about all the risks he has. ... more »

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shit! racing must be really boring this season when you guys get so excited because of a 'lil bobble'...

why is it that in old SX (mid-late80's)videos every rider had at least one or two those kinda moments per lap!!? hehe... were the tracks ... more »
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Hey Dogger, I did a backup of all my Blackberry data and googled for ipd files. found this: ABC Amber BlackBerry Converter is a very useful tool that converts emails, contacts, SMS messages, PIN messages, autotext entries, calendar events, phone hotlist ... more »

perumx left a comment 3/1/2009 12:20 PM

Glad you are racing again.
Do you have facebook?
look for me there,

Added reply in a thread BlackBerry Software 3/1/2009 9:55 AM

Yes. Just downloaded it yesterday. But I couldn't figure it out yet.... I would like to be able to edit my contacts and my calender on the PC and synchronize it with my Blackberry.... right now I am not at my place. so I will check out the desktop manager ... more »

Started new thread BlackBerry Software 3/1/2009 9:21 AM

Anybody here using a BlackBerry!? What's the best way to get all the contacts/adress book from the BlackBerry on the computer!??? Any software tips!? Something that is easy to handle and clearly arranged!? any tip would be cool!


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sick....? haha...sure... there's always something. fact is he has so much talent and it is a pity he is throwing it away! MC was racing with the flu and won. RC was racing with a messed up knee and won. Jamie Dobb was racing with a cracked shoulder and ... more »

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NOT POSSIBLE!!! please post pics to proof that statement!

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have You been home schooled that You lack "flirting skillz"!??? heheheh

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buahahah! well actually I am a member here since 2006.... I just never noticed that here is a forum...

ok here we go with my ex-girlfriend heheh stupid ho ... more »
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USA Silent Sport North America c/o Area P 1240 Simon Circle, Units G/H Anaheim, CA 92806 Phone: 714-630-2386 Fax: 714-630-2422 email:

Became friends with DrSweden 2/21/2009 3:44 AM