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New thread Investing question... 11/25/2020 9:43 PM

Anyone here have any experience with the ETF TZA? I know somewhat how shorting the market or stocks works, but I've never done it before. Do you guys with any experience on this do it quite a bit? Seems like it might be a good time, we've had a killer ... more »

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New thread Question for gun freaks..... 1/19/2014 3:27 PM

I have more than a few, and I need to buy a safe to stick em' in. Any benefits of a digital lock compared to a manual dial? I'm somewhat leaning to a dial (I already have a little safe with a dial) but digital seems to be easy. Any pros and cons to either ... more »

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New thread Aljazeera news.... 9/1/2013 8:22 PM

It was supposed to, but I guess it's not coming to US news sources. Does anyone know if it was a business or a political decision that cut it off?

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New thread Business owner question..... 3/24/2013 8:08 PM

Are you for or against online sales tax? I've owned my own retail business for almost ten years and I for one, support it. I admit, I haven't really done any in depth research on the matter, but from my side, I'm 100% for it. I'm sure some of the respones ... more »

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New thread Was it REALLY Roger who found Dungey? 3/2/2012 9:19 PM

Not trying to stir the pot, well, maybe a little. Was it Roger? Or was it Cole Gress? Back when the Dung-ee was an amateur, I think it was still Gress who was the head honcho, at least in the amateur world. I really, really, really doubt that Roger went ... more »

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