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85' RC125? I wonder how it would do in the last 125 shoot out with all the brands (2003 or 2004?) I hate to say it, but I think it would finish last. But as a kid, that was the best bike ever, my dream bike!

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I renew mine even though I haven't used it for YEARS. I look at it like this, I donate every year to our states food bank, I never get ANYTHING from it, but most of it is put to good use, I think 93 cents per dollar. I don't know what the AMA cent per ... more »

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I raced San Diego SX in 1998, they weren't that tall, maybe 18" to 20", but they were sooooo steep that you couldn't roll them. If you messed up, you had to exit to the left or right and ride to the end of them. My buddy ripped his pipe off his 125 after ... more »

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Newmann is somewhat right on this topic I think, used 250f's can be sketchy. Obviously, if it only has 20 hours and looks new, jump on it. But you never know how a used bike got treated, out riding or in the garage. But to answer your original question, ... more »

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At our shop we sell a decent amount. Like you said, not much savings in weight, costly, and a little harder to install. But, you can hit square edges, rocks, and holes all day long and no flats. Kinda like a cheaper version of a mousse insert. Like jpd855 ... more »

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The tracks those guys rode back then compared to what they ride now is not even close. You can't make any mistakes without something going terribley wrong. The tracks back then were "safer" if you made a mistake.

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Awesome! Any racer who has a child (and actually raises them) gets my respect.

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On some YZ125 the clutch pressure plate has to be "indexed". That means, the pressure plate aligns with all 5 clutch spring towers, but only fits all the way down on ONE OF THEM. Take the springs out and keep rotating the pressure plate until it fits ... more »

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He should get an apology! He didn't break the rules, not even close. People need to get educated on the issue before they make a comment. But I guess that's what these forums are all about, talking shit about stuff you don't know about!

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If you're only raising the compression half a point (12:1 to 12.5:1), then you will be fine with the highest octane at any gas station. Once you bump compression a full point, or one and a half, you need to run race fuel. You might be able to cut it ... more »

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He has the same trans, weight is with a couple of pounds. Mainly set up options, pegs, bar clamps, brake pedals, shifters, ect.