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Nice post Team Green. Good example on Cole Siebler. He's not the next James Stewart/Ryan Dungey, but he's smart and makes a decent living. He's also smart enough to be exploring his options after his "fast guy" days are over, because eventually, the ... more »

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The helmet debate is as endless as the CR/KX/RM/KTM/YZ debate. Just because you spend $600 doens't mean you will be safe. I have a buddy that only wears Arai, and he's been knocked out probly 4 times in 4 years. He always buys a new one, and always says ... more »

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Personally, I like them both. I don't race like I used to, but if I did I sure wouldn't choose to compete on a 2 stroke, because the way the sport is now, and the rules that are currently in place, it would be an automatic handicap, in my opinion. But ... more »

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Here's my guess, 60% talent, 30% work ethic, and 10% machine.

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Michelin M-12, S-12, and a couple other tires in their line are labeled a different size, but the same as other brands. Michelin 130/70-19" is a 110/90-19", the tires used to come with a little sticker for correct sizing. A 120/80-19" is a 100/90-19". ... more »

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"No need to carry speed to clear obstacles - Less Injuries" No need to carry speed on a 2-stroke? Really? Less injuries? Of course, dirt bikes were safe before 4 strokes came around. Honestly, I like both, I own both, but you can go a little faster a ... more »

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I'm not sure about the exact numbers, just a guess, I think Suzuki motorcycle sales as a whole are doing ok, even the dirt bikes. It's just the number of units sold compared to years past are waaaaaay down, along with all the other mfg's as well. As ... more »

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It's just racing, shit happens. Just ask Tomac and Wilson.

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I'd say $1200 to $1800, depending on condition. "Insane One", would you really pay $3500 for a 12 year old dirt bike?

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Sorry to correct you, but I'm pretty sure (almost) that the Contours are the stronger of the two Pro Taper 1 1/8" bars. Stronger, but more rigid. You are correct about them being outsourced, although I'm not sure if it's China or where ever. The Evolution ... more »

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You can take the crossbar off completely and run a Fatbar style pad. That's coming direct from Renthal.

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Back in the day, up till 05' or so, I went to a ton of amateur nationals and followed it pretty close. Had a bunch of buddies who raced a lot of them (the dream was over for me by then) and a good friend who worked for Team Green Kawi for many years. ... more »

Started new thread Was it REALLY Roger who found Dungey? 3/2/2012 9:19 PM

Not trying to stir the pot, well, maybe a little. Was it Roger? Or was it Cole Gress? Back when the Dung-ee was an amateur, I think it was still Gress who was the head honcho, at least in the amateur world. I really, really, really doubt that Roger went ... more »

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I've had a little experience in this, but I think Transworld (along with every other magazine) is trying to get circulation numbers up. Say you have the BIGGEST numbers, you can charge more for ads, in print and online. Not sure, but they might lose ... more »

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What GuyB might be referring to is what Muscle Milk Honda might think of the ad. Out of respect for someone who supports our sport, the desicion to pull it might have been out of respect. I know if someone posted a spiff and it was pointed directly at ... more »

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Some of those guys did good for themselves, but not up to the fans expectations. It doesn't mean you're a failure becaue you didn't win 10 titles. But if your asking I'd have to say Jason Lawrence. And yes, I'm a fan of him.

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The top riders will always be up front no matter what bike they are riding. Yes, bikes do make a difference, but just like "they" say, it's mainly the rider. Maybe Jimmy was trying to say if you put Stewie on a 100% bone stock YZ450 his results would ... more »

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I definetly agree with you on supporting local shops. Try different places till you find one you like, and support them. KEEP IT LOCAL!

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I think with the exception of a few bikes over the years, most stock stuff is pretty darn good. Most people don't even touch their comp/reb clickers or even set sag! Of course, buying springs for your weight and setting oil level/clickers/sag will do ... more »