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If you go with an O-ring on a 125, you will get extremely good life, but it does cause drag. Depending on how sensitive a rider you are, some riders can feel the drag, and others cannot. I would go with a non o-ring, but lube it pretty much every time ... more »

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Doesn't sound mechanical, and if you've replaced all the electrical, it's probably in your EFI. If you have the skills and basic tools, you can put the seat and tank, the drain the tank and remove the fuel pump. You can take the pump apart (although ... more »

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Stamp it? Really? Sorry Backmon, not specifically calling you out, but I don't think this will happen, and to prove it I put my money where my mouth is. I invest in mutual funds, index funds, a little in stocks, and a tiny fraction in precious metals. ... more »

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The best option, hands down, without a doubt, is go to a professional broker. Any professional broker will give you better advice than 99% of the "brokers" on a motocross forum. I take 90% of the advice my financial advisor/advisors give me and then ... more »

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Stocks go up and down, in cycles, but overall they go up. Just like the housing market. Don't get scared when they drop a little, or a lot. If you are absolutely positively sure that the market will collapse, and not just talking forum trash, then go ... more »

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Supply and demand, pretty simple. And correct, someone is getting rich, doesn't matter if the price is high or low.

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I'm not a fan of Bieber, but that guy has some serious issues he needs to work out besides Bieber Fever.

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What do you consider a "FULL" entry? They was prequalifying for both classes in all the races this year, unless I missed something. Please correct me with the facts.........

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I have more than a few, and I need to buy a safe to stick em' in. Any benefits of a digital lock compared to a manual dial? I'm somewhat leaning to a dial (I already have a little safe with a dial) but digital seems to be easy. Any pros and cons to either ... more »

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We used to have knee deep snow around here when I was a kid, about 35 years ago. Slowly, it's disappeared. Now we get a pinch of snow, and it's gone. Haven't had snow like I (and everyone I talk with) can remember in decades. Weather it's man made or ... more »

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Winner winner, chicken dinner.

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Sorry to call you out erh400, but your outside views seem to be a little off. My wife is Chicksaw and read your post and had a really good laugh about it. Reservation housing is absolutely not free. They do not get a huge monetary cut. Her cousin is ... more »

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Good post Rebus. I think a lot of people would take a different reaction to Mrs. Watt's letter if it had not followed the passing of Casselli. The thing about her post that was the most shocking was her mentioning us "people" over and over. Most people ... more »

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It was supposed to, but I guess it's not coming to US news sources. Does anyone know if it was a business or a political decision that cut it off?

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Damn, tough crowd around here, I guess it shows how many here were professional athletes. Fears and frustrations? I'd say frustrations for me were trying to fit in a full time job, training, running, riding, and getting my bike and van packed up to go ... more »

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It's practice. PRACTICE.

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Listen up fools, nobody swaps out engines between motors unless there is a problem. Maybe a clutch for most riders, but teams don't swap motors like air filters. Lots of idiots talk smack, I remember hearing a jackass tell me that they grease their riders ... more »

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When RV broke his leg in SX, did Dungey get "lucky"?

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Sorry to inform you, production costs in China have risen in the last 5 years or so. Check it out.

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I think a win should count for a bit more than 2nd or 3rd. It's the top step of the podium, and few ever reach it, so it should be worth a liiiiiiiitle more.