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?? Kenny said that result was his fault as he backed it down a bit, then Eli came and he could not respond

Added reply in a thread Herlings met his match. 3/9/2020 11:37 AM

And so far has not had an injury but I think that will change, hope it doesn’t as would like a fight all the way to end of series

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I don’t care what anyone says the reasons Glen Helen should always be the opening round of outdoors are: Talledega turn!! The sight of all the bikes going round THAT corner is what outdoors is all about. Then lap after lap of those hills. Epic legendary ... more »

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Why is age a factor?? Constant US way of working is to get riders to turn pro ASAP then get on SX circuit. No wonder US riders get burnt out and retire early. Christ let the kid ride what & where he wants as he matures - physically and mentally. ... more »

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All this talk about Tiga & Jeff. Bit of an insult to AC222 & Hoff who I expect to continue to get better as rounds go on. Also remember Tiga & Jeff are known for big get offs!!

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He has won me over since the move to KTM & Aldon, it’s what was needed to get the title and he IS willing to put in the work to get it. As for racecraft he has it in bucket loads

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Mathes tweeted collarbone Wedge posted vid of Webb riding!!!

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Maybe he (TKeefe) was going to pull him off as he could see his head was not in it??? More chance of a crash when pushing hard but don’t really feel right?? Is this topic just another sign of snowflake generation - please don’t say anything to upset ... more »

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With the advances in technology why does GoPro design square/ rectangular cameras?? Why not something long and slim (6cm long with lens in middle by 2cm deep) that could attach to underside or helmet peak?

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For what can be a very, very cruel sport it’s amazing the amount of positive thoughts, we’ll done to Marv & Mathilde for stepping up. Really hope for continued improvement, sending more good thoughts

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Really??? I am a big Herlings fan BUT that was only a small section of the track!! What about the whoopies & rhythm sections? He would be lucky to make it into the main - and that is a dose of reality

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Query - does it help with breathing???

Added reply in a thread Knee Replacement Upgrade 2/15/2020 3:28 AM

Have been dealing with knee pain (both sides but left is worse) and here in UK unless I went private (cant afford that) I will not be considered for ‘new knee’ for a few years yet - 54 just now. Got appt for a ‘wash out’ and a look inside knee in a few ... more »

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I like that he races aggressively, as for the contacts I have no issue with the CC one but Jett was a bit too far considering where they were. Have not watched SDiego yet but it is up to the others to match his speed and intensity - but don’t think they ... more »

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Yes but he had to go 250f when going to USA - I don’t have a problem with that it’s just the way it it

Added reply in a thread If you thought Ferrandis move was bad... Check this out 2/3/2020 1:04 PM

Pity as I remember when he was on 65/ 85’s there was him Alan Keet/ Tommy Fenwick who were looking like the next big things

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Had it a few years ago, couple of tries with cortisone then a physio told me to try ‘waiters tip’ stretch and try and build up stretch, he said that couldn’t do any damage but be patient and not go to far to start with and feel for signs of improvement. ... more »

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I’ve watched a lot of french riders over the years and none of them have been afraid to bang bars, ride ‘aggressive’ so maybe that’s got something to do with it. Whatever anyone says about DF I like his style & attitude. It looks like him & DV ... more »

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Love my crossfire 2rs but size is critical as others have said not for wide feet. Could not get them on with knee braces and have never bothered with braces since. Replaceable soles (along with most other parts) is a major plus. I got mine on recommendation ... more »

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Yes but it was 3 of them in relatively quick succession. I expected him to not do as well in the 3rd race