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Few bits

Mmmm goodies ... more »
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Frame, not done anything to it as been cleaning up rest of bike.

Few bits I have to go on, picking up plastics Monday but have not decided on which graphics yet. Tail pipe should be here by the end of the week. ... more »
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This is not gonna be a transformation like Fonzies (wish I had the time & cash for that), its just a little tired looking. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to get cleaning up engine/ carb/ wheels ... more »

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That is one cool trophy

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Pish, had mine till early last year and it was still running great, guy that bought it could not believe the condition it was in - all depends how much you look after it and I did and never had ANY major problems with it, worst thing was diagnosing kill ... more »

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Dunno if it was difficult, he admits its all about learning SX and QUICK so we will see what tonight brings.

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FFS that factory pipe is a beast

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???? is this for real, do you think ANY kid his size would do something he didn't want to never mind ride his PW?? Bet if he did not want to he would have ridden the opposite way - why coz thats what they do at that age

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Why do we need torn faced Searle on the team not exactly performed as some of those twats south of the Barrier (me thinks they should rebuild Hadrians Wall to keep the East Europeans out of gods country and let the English deal with them when they start ... more »

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Dont think so - just the commitment and belief to get thru whoops will make a BIG difference.

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Sound is the wrong way round - the music should be way lower and used as background to bike sound

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Mmmm dont think RV has a comfort zone and looks like 'the boss' when balanced on the edge of doom, whereas Dungey does and will always be waiting to pounce, JS7 seems to have lost the knack of staying on the ragged edge. Now if RV is to win again this ... more »

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There truly is no better sound than a 2t going thru set of whoops

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Have also had it both sides as well as golfers in right side, cortisone is def just a short term fix. Best physio I saw told me to do waiters tip - arm by straight down your side then bend wrist as far as you can and hold for 20 secs

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Normally wear blue or yellow but they are not helping, looks like will try the red. Cheers

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Out today and sun was really low and bright to the point that 2 parts of track were nearly blind - looking for recomendations for lenses to help, using Smith Warp goggles.

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Not quite the same MM was not getting paid (reportedly) by his Honda team and there was a big falling out. By all accounts SD has said ok for Ferris to go to USA maybe dont like it but am sure they will get another rider.

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Sorry but think that Eli will do much better than Barcia on big bikes, looks like he has waited just the right amount of time to move up - where IMO Roczen is moving up too soon (not sure how the pointing out comes into it tho),.

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Yep not much thought has went into how the 'privateer' teams will fund this - not looking good for 20+ on the gate at a lot of rounds - that just aint right!!!