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IMO having the opener at GH meant the season was off to a start and christ what a start watching the bikes go thru 1st corner looked amazing

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Yeah but is that not part of the fun? If we were sensible would we not all have cycles and just pedal along like some eh...

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Ferris was a very lucky guy, great save and good to see him back on ASAP. Saw on Facebook pics of Waterman but fek me was that a hard one GLAD there was no vid when he hit the deck,

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After seeing that he has had chances would also like to know where/ when. To me he is like De Dyker just the wrong size for MX but Christ can he make that bike go !!

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Same in UK, just constant black screen/ initialising crap

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Sorry but NO - this from an impartial Euro who just wants to see them go balls out!!! BUT I do think that ET is the closest that Herlings will have faced for a season, to me they are both similar in the way they go about their business - aggresive and ... more »

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All this shit talking about Herlings is just going round and round every once in a while. For christ sakes he is only 18 so why should he move up to 450's?? Surely I am not the only one that thinks he has changed a bit the past year - maturing?? - and

... more »
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Its ok hes Scottish so naturally tough as

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And who are they? How did they promote themselves?? Jerry's story is what was needed IMO just a great feel good story with loads pulling for him to do well.

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Wish it was as easy as that, first thing I did was let any air out and there was hardly any. Think there is maybe 2 inches of travel. Dunno know if it makes any difference but forks are off 200 exc.

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Just got myself an 05 KTM but front forks are solid, have not had a look yet but if it is as bad as I think will it feasible for me to completely strip down and rebuild forks. Sadly am on a budget (too many bloody bills coming in just now!!) so if it ... more »

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Have downloaded ultrasurf and it is working BUT not very well, constant buffering - but why does the Kawi ad always play well???

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Def - when you think of the injuries he has had over the past couple of years BUT still comes back for more punishment because IMO that is what SX is, sadly it is also where the big bucks are.

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Being on the wrong side of 40, carrying too much weight etc I started going to the gym at the beginning of this year to help with: Age Lack of fitness Injuries Sitting at a PC all day Noticed a bit of difference after a while and got speaking to one ... more »

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Just in case you get the blocked message (like all of UK)

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That 2nd pic is the shot that I like the most - but better from a wider angle it just makes you want to go have a shot

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Yes yesterday was a 'special ride' by him as much as RC in the mud, watching him go that fast through some of the sections was OMG. I have recorded every GP so far this year but this is the only one I have watched without ffwding any as watching hime ... more »

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In need of a new (or used) left crankcase for my 05 CRF250R but what other years will fit, have been told that they are all the same but I keep finding different part numbers??? Are 250R & 250X the same

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