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Sorry but those conditions don't favour anyone in particular - it's all about the start, commitment off the line to get into 1st corner 1st then keeping that commitment for the whole race. How long has KR been in US now??? Surely to Christ he is well ... more »

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After reading the Shoei & 100% thread thought I could get some help: Saturday was my 1st shot with new Airoh helmet and am having trouble with my goggles. Have always worn Smith Warp Racer Roll Offs but these seem to big for new helmet, is it the ... more »

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All helps to build up confidence, so how much about MX/ SX is all about mental preparation?/ Think he is proving it does have an effect and I for one am glad to see him getting a shot and taking it.

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Concussions are a very scary thing, had a friend take a hit after landing on tabletop with same reactions where am I etc, took a good while before he was 'sort' of normal. Had son fall and hit front of head on kerb and fek me that was bad, fractured ... more »

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Maybe why he has so many real fans and not the 'fanboys', also why does no-one talk trash about him I know I want him to do well at every race and if he upset a few of the factory riders ok no probs.

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True both looking good and helping to set up a great finish. Think both RD & KR need to look at how things are looking after Indiana, also both need to go balls out for the win to TRY and get a red bike (or two) in between them before last round,

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So if Ken us choking then surely JM is too as he had similar start to season but is not even close to 'kicking ass' in lites like he started..... Suppose haters just got to hate eh? And whether you like it or not a lot of US fans do not want a non American ... more »

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You think, to me it seems like he has got to put in twice the effort/ results than Searle to get ANY kind of recognition which is hard to understand. I mean so far this season we have had all the hype about Searle coming back from injury and getting

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Think there was a few like that with Metcalf in nationals some thought that was the main competition gone

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Thought the Bike It jinx had struck again!!!

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How can you not like Tomac, smile on the face after a tough moto, no bad press etc Looking forward to more battles with KR & ET, looks like the future is here

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Why? Surely he has been riding & living with this for a long time so the body will have naturally got used to compensating for the shorter leg and now he has to readjust/ regain balance/ get both legs strong & healthy before he can get back to ... more »

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Could it maybe be a leg thing??? Remember something about his legs being different lengths so maybe this is part if trying to get them equal

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Dunno about that but just found out I have cubital tunnel syndrome and waiting to see consultant but will have to wait weeks - uk NHS sucks sometimes

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Agreed, maybe a couple of years ago he was a specialist but think now its turning into any terrain that he is balls out scary fast. IMO that is in part to him maturing and (finally) growing up and realising what he can do and how good he could become, ... more »

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What when they already have billions watching worldwide (according to the youthstream crap that comes out)

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And how much us the Red Bull deal worth...

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True it's just to pass winter till the real racing starts (even though sx is where tge big bucks are)

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So far great racing in both classes, even the ads haven't been that bad

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Mmmm think USA has had a 'chance' to prove it the past couple if years (just like every other country) but if they all stay healthy that is a good team